Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sugasm #107

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This Week’s Picks
Half-Nekkid Blow Job
” We could hear people walking past and talking so they’d be able to hear us as well.”

Masturbation on a Memory
“I let the first time I had sex with your flash back though my mind.”

Reality Check: Handling Long Calls
“While I get my share of quick cummer calls I have several clients that like to talk for hours.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Christian Friis

Editor’s Choice
A Non-Monogamy Lexicon

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Bringing It Up Gracefully
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Fetish Film - Julie Simone’s Diary Of A Submissive (Bondage, Spanking, Femdom)
Five Sips of Darkness
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Tulips… His lips… Her lips…

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Me and My Vagina
Oh..oh…oh! My orgasm- A User’s Guide.
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Sex Humor
Decoding A Dominant Personal Ad
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Over the tub

I forgot what I had been doing on my knees in the bathroom. The shadow looming over me made me forget. I arched my back and looked upward.

"Take off your panties and put your hands on the side of the tub."

Frowning, I started pulling my skirt up and removing my thong from under my skirt. My body reacting to the tone of voice with desire, wetness.

I put my hands on the tub spread apart, ready to brace myself.

Warm body bent down behind me. Fingers sliding along my inner thigh, upward, probing the damp folds. Rubbing, testing.

Then they withdrew. Replaced by a hard cock. Suddenly, pushed inside me. I gasp.

Thrusting, slowly at first. My moans and restless movements filling the small room.

Hands moving around my body. Grabbing my chest, pinching my nipples lightly through the thin material of my shirt.

I put my weight to one hand, unsnapping my bra quickly and pulling my shirt up, revealing my breasts.

Harder, faster thrusts. I spread my hands further apart, my body bending closer to the tub.

Hands grip my breasts, pulling hard on the nipples.

A sudden moan from behind, body stiffening and slowing thrusts.

An even more sudden retreat.

I'm left holding the tub, panting and dripping.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

NaNoWriMo Exerpt #2

"And you're going to shave me down there?"

"Your pussy. Say it Lucy."

She shook her head. He went to the bathroom and got a towel. He laid it out on the bed and then pulled her over to him. He took off her shirt and then her jeans. He left her wearing her bra, but her panties went. He laid her back on the bed, with pillows propped up under her head.

"Say the word Lucy," he demanded again, as he sprayed some shaving cream into his hand.

She blushed and laid back as he laid his hand against her pubic hair. He rubbed the cream around and then added some more. "I can't."

"You can. This is pretty erotic isn't it?"

"Very," she said as a moan, his hands rubbing around her sensitive areas. He looked at her face and found her biting her bottom lip.

He unwrapped a razor from the packaging and stood over her. "You need to be very still, I don't want to nick you."

She nodded, looking very worried.

"Do you trust me to do this?"

"Mac, would I be laying here if I didn't trust you."

He smiled and wanted to kiss her right then. But instead he knelt at the end of the bed and carefully put the razor to her lips.

He did a few strokes, rinsing in a bowl of water he sat on the floor next to him. He lifted his head. "Lucy?"


"Say the word Lucy."

He could see her make a face. "Pussy."

He grinned and bent his head again. 30 or so minutes later, he wasn't watching the clock, Miss Lucy had a hair free pubic area. He stroked it, feeling the velvety skin. Once had rinsed the area he bent and kissed it. "How do you feel?" he asked, standing up getting ready to clean up his tools.

"Bare. And I don't just mean bare skin. It's incredibly personal experience to watch someone with their face between your legs for that long. Touching you intimately."

"Their face in your pussy you mean." He thought about licking that velvet skin, he thought about sliding his cock against the bare lips, inside her. That velvet caress him. God, he was getting weak with wanting her. And hard.

"Yes, face in my pussy."

"You know what I'd like in your pussy now?" They were standing in the bathroom now. Cleaning up the room a little.

She pressed her hand to his crotch, dragging it slowly up the length of his manhood. "I can guess."

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sugasm #105

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This Week’s Picks
“I feel him start; then he groans into my mouth, a deep helpless sound, and I know I’ve got him.”

Domme virginity lost
I’m not asking you. I’m telling you. You know that, don’t you, sweet boy?”

Reality Check: Lessons Learned From Clients
“From my conversations I’ve learned a number of things that have helped me, educated me and surprised me.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Belladonna Likes Heroin

Editor’s Choice
Each Mirror has two sides

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Sex Work
In the Heart of Real America: How Porn Made Me a Patriot

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About last night…
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Monday, November 05, 2007

Sugasm #104

Breaking my sugasm Cherry with #104!

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #105? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

Editor’s Note: I thought it was Monday all day today. By the time I realized it wasn’t the new Sugasm had been up for a few hours. I’m just leaving it. The #105 post request will go up on Tuesday like normal.

This Week’s Picks
Awkward Sex Attempts (and Other Common Experiences)
“This put a slight damper on the “sexy” feelings I was trying to work up.”

houghts on Sex and Relationships
Go Ahead. Label Me
Oldie But Goodie - Altoids And Blow Jobs
Short and Sexy?
Why Doesn’t My Wife Want to Have Sex with Me Anymore?
Why I HATE the Term “Cuckold”

BDSM & Fetish
Always Your Slut Part 2
Angela-la Cake - Bloggers getting sweaty
Fucking machines
Story: The Perils of Drink
Straight Boy Gets Fucked in the Ass
Who Doesn’t Dream About She Males?

Sex News & Reviews
Kumi Is A Yummy Fetish Model
NEW Bold & Sassy Designs!

NSFW Pics & Videos
Angelina Crow - Peep Show
Annette Schwarz (updated)
Catalina loves HNT (Bondage Tape)
Exotic Bloom
If I had a clone…
Merry Samhain!
More Naked Lazer Bunny Hotties

Erotic Writing and Experiences
All About the Tricks
Ancient and Debauched
Backdoor Love
Cream for my Coffee?
The dangers of blogging
First Encounter
The first time: Having sex with my wife.
I dreamed of Margene
New Beginning
Sex Report: Poolside Follies
The six days of halloween
“Smokin Ass” or Halloween Remembered

Do You Want Me To Call You A Whore?
“Who doesn’t like having their hair pulled during sex?”

Two Fer
“Neither of us heard the front door open when Jason’s roommate came home.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Girls and Guns

Editor’s Choice
Being a Feminist in the sex industry

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

NaNo Exerpt

Lucy had her face between a set of soft, white thighs. Her tongue and mouth were busy doing things she'd never done before. She shivered at the new tastes and scents.

She heard the man behind her unzipping his pants. She felt him kneel on the bed behind her and ease his cock into her dripping wet pussy. She put her hands on the bed to brace herself as he began to thrust into her. She didn't want to fall face first into the girl's pussy.

Death by drowning in a pussy. She nearly had to shake her head so as not to laugh at herself. How had she gotten herself into such a situation? She knew exactly how actually, upon reflection, but she'd think about that later.

His heart leaped into his throat as she came over. So, this was Lucy. As she came close, he could see her breasts were pushed high and the shirt was cut low. Giving him and anyone else a nice bit of cleavage to study. He frowned, not wanting anyone else to look down her shirt.

That was silly. He had only said he was in town for the night. But, for tonight, she would be his. He smiled up at her as she approached the table.

"You meeting someone here?" she asked, fiddling with the neck of her beer bottle.

"I'm meeting someone of corrupt mind. She's a purveyor of dirty stories."

"Well, then I've found the right person." She offered her hand. "Hi Mac."

"Lucy." He shook her hand. She had a strong shake. He didn't want to let go. So instead he slipped his hand over hers. She sat down across from him. "You should have waited for me to buy you a drink."

"Maybe. You can buy the next one."

"Deal." He set their hands on the table between them. He took a drink of his beer. "So, what do you think?"

She ran her eyes over him. "I think we need to have more than a drink." Then she looked away quickly. "I don't say things like that. Not outloud. Darn it."

Darn? Oh god, she was more innocent than she played. He wondered how many of her stories were real. He rubbed his thumb over her hand. "You've said worse to me."

"Not outloud. That was .. something else."

"Lucy, I'm not going to attack you or maul you. Or do anything you don't want to do." He let go of her hand abruptly. He saw disappoint flash across her face. With one hand he pulled his chair around the table to sit beside her. He put an arm around her. He put his mouth near her ear, as they both looked at her friends across the bar. "But, dear Lucy, you do play the part of a Dirty Slut. And I want to play with it."

She shivered and tried to pull away. He wouldn't let her so she drank her beer instead.

When she didn't reply he decided to push further. "All I've been thinking about today is how you taste. And how you feel. Don't you want to know what I feel." He picked up her hand and ran it along the inside of his thigh. Her hand brushed against his cock, which was somehow growing by the second. He swore lightly, he was too far gone to stop teasing her now. "I've been thinking about how you would feel wrapped around me."

Lucy pulled her hand away. She was blushing visibly, clearly shaken. And turned on, he noted. That was in her eyes. He put his hand on her knee and squeezed. "Remember that story. The couple in the bar and how he teases her under the table, while everyone looks on. How she tries not to squirm while he touched her pussy," he voice was low in her ear. "Are you wearing panties, Lucy?"