Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Justin and Vana

Justin climbed the stairs of his house. His wife, Cassie had gone up twenty minutes ago to nurse the baby back to sleep. Four kids had left them exhausted. Especially with the youngest a few months old and not sleeping longer than three hours. But Cassie seemed affected more. 
They fought weekly about their sex life. Last time they fought, his twenty-year-old sister-in-law, who lived with them, overheard and offered to relieve his frustration. He turned her down at the time. 
Two days later, Cassie let him fuck her. The satisfaction had lasted for several days, but it was a week past, the satisfaction had worn off.
Cassie said she was putting the baby back in the crib, he hoped her words were a subtle hint that he'd get laid again.
She lifted her head when he came in. 
“He’s asleep already?” he hissed.
“Yeah, back in his own crib even.”
He quickly undressed and slipped into bed. He cupped her cheek and she yawned. “Don’t you have to be up early in the morning?”
“That’s what you’re going with?”
“Not all of us get to sleep through the night.”
“Like he doesn't disrupt my sleep?”
“You don’t have to get up four times to nurse and rock him back to bed.”
“You say that as if it’s my fault. As if I want him to wake up, as if I wasn't happy with three.”
“And there it is, the real reason you are mad at me. You didn't want a fourth child. Well, I didn't hear you say no when I brought it up for discussion.”
“I wanted to make you happy. I had no idea that it would kill your sex drive. Before, you were always the one who wanted it more.”
“Again, I’m sorry that taking care of your four children all damn day leaves me so drained I don’t have energy.”
He slid out of bed and pulled his robe on. “I’m going to go watch television,” he said. “Before we say things we don’t really mean. I’m frustrated Cassie, really frustrated and I don’t know what to do.”
“Me neither,” she said, quietly and he slipped out of the room. He glanced at the bathroom but the light was off, which meant, hopefully, Savana was sleeping and hadn't heard the argument.
He stopped by the fridge and cracked a beer open. Then he continued to the living room, where he found Savana, with one knee curled up against her chest and one foot on the floor.
“Shit, I came to watch some television. I thought you’d gone to bed.”
“I couldn't fall asleep, so I came down.”
“You overheard us.”
“It wasn't the reason I was coming down, I was passing through the hallway when I heard. Come sit and watch.”
“Maybe I’ll go to bed.” He didn't move to leave.
She uncurled her leg from her body and he took in her skimpy outfit. Just a sheer, flowing top. He didn't dare try to follow it down to see where it ended or what she wore to cover her
She shook his head “Just sit down. Can I have a drink from your beer?”
He sat and held it out for her. “Why not?”
She tipped it back into her mouth then handed it back. They sat in silence for a few minutes while they watched Jersey Shore on the television.
She looked at him. “Do you want me to listen while you talk about it?”
“No, it’s not even her fault. We have different needs and I don’t know how to fix it.”
She gave his neck a gentle squeeze. “How about a neck massage then? My hands are pretty strong.”
He knew he should say no. He was at his breaking point and letting the sexy young woman under his roof touch him was probably a very bad idea. “Sure,” he said.
He turned and she knelt behind him. Her fingers pressed into his tense muscles and her breath was warm into his hair. He closed his eyes and let her fill his senses. The floral of her perfume. The cool pressure of her hands. Her hair brushing his neck and her breasts pressing against his back.
In his mind, her hand slid around his body and into his robe. Her hand massaging him in a whole new way.
He shook his head as he pulled himself from that fantasy. Her hands still kneaded into his shoulders. It was too late, however, his body reacted to the idea and to her touch and smell.
He squeezed his eyes shut as he took her hand and guided it around his body. He rubbed it over his chest, brushing his nipples, then down to his stomach. He didn't have a six-pack, but he was in damn good shape. He stopped her hand on his lower stomach and pulled away. His pulse wooshed in his ears.
She pulled him back against him and rubbed both hands over his thighs. Then she brushed against his erection. He hissed in a breath. Then he moaned from his throat, when she wrapped her fingers around the hard length and stroked.

“Are you sure?” she whispered into his ear.
Vana felt her heart pounded as she stroked Justin’s cock. Sweet yes. “Are you sure?” she asked.
“Don’t stop,” he said and jumped in her hand.
She used her other hand to stroke the soft skin stretched over his balls and to touch the tender skin behind them.
He needed to be inside her when he came. Since intercourse was out of the question, a taste wouldn't be so bad.
She pulled away and moved around him. “Van, we can’t
“I I know. I wasn't going to, I need to taste you.”
She slipped to the floor behind his legs and pulled at the tie of his robe. For a moment she stared at him, then she took him in hand and making a circle with her mouth she sucked him in.
She raised her eyes in time to see him lean back against the sofa as his moans met her ears.
She bobbed her head up and down him, while her tongue swirled and her mouth created sweet pressure. With one hand she slipped between his legs and caressed his sac, until he groaned. He leaned down, “I can’t make too much noise.”
Vana let her mouth pop, “She’ll think you’re watching porn and jacking off.”
She redoubled her efforts until he grabbed her hair. He held her and thrust into her, while she grinned, trying to maintain suction.
She felt his legs shudder first then he exploded in a salty burst into her mouth. She slipped backward and pushed it down her throat.
When she recovered, she leaned against his knees, inhaling the sexy scent of just cummed male. “I know we can’t go all the way, but maybe you could
He stood before she could finished. “I have an early day, I have to get to bed.”
That was the reason to make sure her needs were met before his were. She sighed and went to the fridge. She pulled out one of his beers and opened it, taking a long pull. She wasn't sure if she should be thrilled or annoyed.