Thursday, August 06, 2009

Third time's the charm

Chantal didn't know how he'd managed to back stage. But he grabbed her as she came off-stage and pushed her against a wall. She'd panicked at first, going into fight mode. But then the familiar feel of his hand on her neck and the way he smelled changed her fight to get away into a fight to see his face.

"Relax, my little slut," he said into her ear. She got a quick huff of air before he kissed her violently. His tongue stabbed into her mouth. His lips were rough. Stubble scraped her cheeks and chin. He tasted of whiskey.

In a moment Chantal went from resisting him to compliant. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. It was a bad idea, but she'd hate herself for it later. Tomorrow probably when she crawled from his bed and back home.

He let go of her and propelled her to her dressing room. He closed the door behind them. He picked up a glass on her dressing table filled with an amber substance. She sat down in front of her table and looked at him in the mirror. He stood behind her, staring at her reflection with his grey eyes. Smoldering. It must be the light, people didn't have grey eyes nor smoldering ones. His suit was cut for his body and she knew the feel and taste of the skin that was underneath.

"Do you ever kick back and wear sweats?" she asked. She hoped he hadn't seen her vulnerability to him.

"You'd have to stick around the house longer than 14 hours to find out," he retorted and put his hand on her shoulder. "Do you want to change? Lila is waiting." He caressed the back of her cheek with his hand and smiled at her.

She lifted her hand and wrapped her hands around his glass. Surprised, he let it go and she swallowed it. "Thank you."

His eyes narrowed and he grabbed a handful of hair on the back of her head and pulled her head backwards so she was looking up at him. "That's 5," he said.

What the hell? She looked past his face to the roof, pretending not to care.

His voice was low. "Five strokes of my cane." He let go of her hair and stepped back. "Well, perhaps that's a bit much to start with. Maybe just a flogger."

Chantal didn't reply. She leaned forward and grabbed a brush out of her make up kit.

"What no arguments?"

"What's the point? You will just insist on be domineering and I'll insist that you're an asshole."

He put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed until she winced. "You like when I dominate you. And you like fucking me. I don't know why you deny either."

She tossed her head. "I am not your slave. In or out of bed."

He retrieved his glass from her and refilled it. "Just my slut so far."

"That happened only twice and it won't happen again."

"You'll disappoint Lila so much. She was looking forward to seeing you again." He rolled the liquid around his glass.

That peaked Chantal's interest. "She's back? She wants to see me." She leaned in toward him.

He nodded. "You want to talk to her?" He pulled out his cell phone.

"That's fine. I'd like to see her too" She pulled up so her back was straight. "But, not for the reasons you think."

He shrugged. His eyes locked to hers and he pulled her swept her hair from the right side of her neck. He bent his head and kissed just below her earlobe and then slowly with kisses and small licks, he moved down her neck until she was shivering. He blew on the trail of skin he had just warmed and she felt aflutter down to her toes.

"Admit it," he commanded softly into her ear and then he did the same motions on the nape of her neck. He paused with his mouth over her left ear. "Tell me you want to give in." This time he let his teeth scrape against her neck gently until she found she was rubbing her thighs together like a school girl. As he teased her delicate skin with his mouth, he brought his hands around and cupped her breasts. Even through the material of her dress, which wasn't much anyway, lace and a thin layer of cotton, his hands were hot and deft.

His breath was hot on her ear. "Tell me you'll give in tonight. That you want me."

"Yes," she whispered.

"You want to be my slut."

"I'm already your slut," she replied. She was rewarded with his tongue tracing her earlobe and she groaned, sinking into her chair. He pulled her up with his hand still rubbing her breasts, teasing her nipples.

"You want to be my slave." He let a hand slide down and lift her skirt. He hovered over the thin material that covered her cunt. She watched his hand, not quite touching and she ached to stretch into it, but he held her. "Say it, Chantal."

Maybe it was her name that broke her. "I want to be your Slave."


"I want to be your slave, Sir."

He grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head back in the chair to look straight up at him. "Good girl. You'll learn to be a good Slave in time." He kissed her hard, his tongue jabbing at her, his lips tearing at hers.

There was something in that last comment she should protest, but she couldn't figure out what it was in her lust induced haze.

"Stand up now." She forced her legs to propel her. "That's a good girl." He patted her ass. "Lila's waiting in the car on the street for us." He kept his hand in her hair as he moved her to the door, but then he pulled her to a stop. "From now on you'll refer to me as Sir or Master. And Lila will be Mistress. IS that clear?" She nodded, but he growled into her ear, "Say it."

"Lila is Mistress and you are Master."

He nodded. "Don't look so scared. We'll figure it out as we go. Lila will be a good teacher on how to be submissive." Before he opened the door, he pressed his hand at the juncture between her thighs and rubbed her clit through her thong. He stopped gripping her by the hair before he opened the door. Instead he held an inch of skin between his thumb and forefinger and he squeezed.

Out through the side door of the club they went without encountering anyone. "This is where you tried to pick up those guys, in an effort to avoid me," he reminded her.

It had only been three weeks ago. It wasn't forgotten yet so she just nodded. "Yes sir."

Lila had the car waiting as promised. William opened the backdoor and pushed Chantal inside and then got in beside her. "Here she is as promised my love," William said to Lila.

"There she is. Looking beautiful as ever. I only wish I hadn't had to wait nearly a month."

"I told you my reasons. If we went too soon she'd resist, this way she had time to miss us both." He sounded like he were talking to a child. "Even if not, you aren't to question my decisions. Drive us home."

Chantal lay her head against the seat and remained silent and still for the moment.

Lila jabbered on for a few moments and Chantal answered glibly back. Her body was humming with the awareness of William's body next to hers.

His body touched her from thigh to shoulder. His fingers ran up and down the inside of her thigh, each time pulling the skirt up further. He sighed a little and then stopped moving.

Then his fingers were pressing against the crotch of her satin panties. "You've wet yourself already." He tsked.

Chantal curled her lips. Who did that? And then her mind was wholly distracted by his finger pressing against her clit through the silky material. His thumb made the smallest movements, mostly it was just pressure. Slow and steady on her clit.

Her entire lower body clenched in anticipation, in heated passionate desire. Pure lust. The pressure continued there until they reached his home once again. Chantal was shaking. Her body so close to orgasm, to screaming climax. But every time she thought she was going to he stopped moving and just pushed and her body refused to come. Chantal felt like screaming herself as her nerves were stretched to their limits. Ready to pop.

As Lila parked the car, William withdrew. "Lila, you'll have to help our slut out of the car. I don't believe she can walk on her own." He opened his door and got out, closing it behind him.

Chantal was panting as Lila opened the door and climbed in. She patted Chantal's leg. "There there, darling. He does so enjoy the lead up. Trust me once you get used to the anticipation, the orgasms are amazing. Amazing."

"I feel like I'm going to cry. Or pass out."

"You can't do either. Come on now." She hauled Chantal out of the car. Chantal leaned on Lila's shoulder and let herself be helped into the house. Down the nearly familiar halls, into the bedroom. His room.