Monday, December 21, 2009

Beauty and the Beast (abandoned)

I wasn't going to share this because I was a little embarrassed at it's brutality and how it turned me on. Partly from reading Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty, which I was disappointed in. Far too little humiliation and sex. Anyway, here it is.

The prince is cursed not to leave his castle until he can tame one Beauty into submission for only him. So he sends for whores from the nearby towns, all of whom are willing to do whatever he wants. Until Belle arrives on the scene...

"Dress her for a meal," Beast commanded his servant.

Belle shook her head. "I won't eat with you."

"You will. And you will dress as I command you." Two female servants followed her into the room he’d designated as hers.

"Are you sure you should start tonight?" his trusted valet said.

"She is the first visitor since winter. And she has been only contrary to me." There was a slight thrill of the challenge, but also anxiety that she may not be broken easily.

"And there isn't much time left."

No, there wasn't much time left. He didn't really want to think about it any longer. "Yes tonight we must begin. She cannot be given time to know any other part of me. Only that I am dominating."

"His Highness is correct. As always."

See, there it was. Differing to him without questioning. His task was to take one whose spirit disagreed with him and make her submit to him. Fully. A curse cast upon him by one who saw everyone deferred to him without question. Part of the curse was that he could not leave his castle and if he did not fulfill the curse by his 21st birthday, he would never leave again.

"Yes, I am correct." Hellfire, it was annoying to always be reminded of that. "Go and make sure supper is being made properly."

"Yes Sire." His valet bowed and exited. Beast retired to his own room to ready himself for the meal.

Belle was dressed for supper by two servants. Or undressed. They took her clothes, which were dirty anyway. She was bathed and dried and then made up.

Her eyes were lined with black, her lips and breasts tinged with rouge. The hair between her legs was trimmed and groomed. "Naked? He wants to eat with me naked?"

"Those were his instructions," the taller servant said.

"He said that if you don't come down, he will come and throw you over his shoulder."

"I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. I will eat naked with him and he can touch me again if he chooses, and I'll show him it won't affect me."

The servants shared a look, but said nothing. Belle tossed her hair over squared shoulder and raised her chin a little. She would endure this until her Madam could find her again.

She followed the servants downstairs, ignoring the inquiring eyes. Admiring eyes.

She stood in the doorway of the great dining room. It was once host to grand dinner parties. People didn't come to the castle any more.

"Ah, the Belle Dame comes to serve."

Serve? That got a look. She met his eyes.

"You thought to eat with me. You are but a whore. Aren't you used to serving men?"

She raised her chin again. "Yes, Sire, most of my life has been to serve men between my legs."

"You will not serve me between your legs. You will serve me as I wish. And I will touch you, bring pleasure to you, but I will not place my cock between your legs until I'm convinced it's what you want. Until you beg me."

His voice was low and almost threatening. And at the same time, it thrilled her deep inside. He could bring her great pleasure and she to him. If that is what she wanted to do.

"You are used to having women beg to have you between their legs, Sire." She spat out his title.

"You are used to men wanting to be between yours," he retorted. He turned his gaze to a butler standing near the table.


He slipped a collar around her neck. She realized it was attached to a lead. He stood and pulled her down a hallway. She didn't have time to get to her feet so she crawled after him.

They stopped in a new room filled with a bed, a lounge, chains hung from the ceiling in two places, from the wall in others. Hanging on the wall was a row of paddles, whips, and canes of varying sizes.

"I've had my servants scurrying all afternoon to ready this for you, my darling. Stand up and feast your eyes."

She hoped that her surprise was not evident. He planned to force her with pain into gratitude that he'd chosen her. Belle had heard of whores who enjoyed pain as much as pleasure. Those who found the bite of a whip to be arousing. She'd never had the inclination.

"We won't spend much time in here yet," he said. He pulled her forward until they stood in front of the lounge. He sat there and turned her, face down, onto his lap. He held her lead tight with one hand to keep her from moving too far. With his other he spanked her bare ass hard enough to make a smacking echo reverberate around the room.

"This is for speaking back to me in the dining room." She bit her bottom lip to keep from giving him the pleasure of crying out.

It seemed to spur his anger deeper. He picked her up and tossed her onto the bed. He moved to roll off the other side, but found that he still held the lead. He tied it to the post.

"You will find yourself bound wherever you go, sweet slut." He slapped her cheek lightly and then ran his hand down to her breast. He weighted them in his hands, caressing the nipples gently with his thumbs.

But, then he grabbed her nipples tightly between thumbs and fingers. He twisted until her mouth opened and cried out, "Oh."

"Was that in arousal?" he asked, holding in the tight twist. He watched her face with a slight smile, until there were tears in her eyes. He let go then and she was relieved. But only for a brief moment, he raised himself to kneel over her body.

Belle was going to protest this. He said he would not fuck her. She realized he was still wearing his pants.

He slapped her breasts back and forth, watching them jiggle; as if they were his personal play things. He twisted her left breast again with a hand and then bent and bit into her tight nipple.

Despite, the pain, she felt a growing throb between her legs. From the soft lips hidden within, she felt the hair between her legs start to drip with moisture. Her body tried to rub her thighs together covertly.

He caught it right away and sat up. He parted her legs and kneeled between them. "Do you like this play? You swore you would not, little whore." He held her legs apart and pushed his nose into the space between. "I can smell that you do. Your cunt cannot lie."

He combed through the soft hair to the soft mound of her sex. He slid his finger along the slit. She was slippery, waiting, wanting something to drive into her. He would not give her that satisfaction. She could not ask for it.

He parted the tender lips and grasped the buried nub and pinched. She cried out, her body arching off the bed. "Please, stop." She gasped. Her eyes filled with tears, but her cries caused him to pull the nub outward.

He bent his head to her chest. In contrasting sensations, he suckled a breast. It still stung from his earlier twisting and biting, but his tongue bathing her, sent her over the edge.

She shattered under his hand; her entire body shaking with climax.

"Damn, damn, damn," he muttered, sitting up and pushing his hair back from his face. "That was supposed to last much longer before I let you come like that."

He started untying the lead from the bedpost. He continued talking, but she was unsure if it was to himself to her. "You weren't supposed to come like that. You were supposed to gain permission for that. I suppose you'll just have to be punished."

He turned her over his knee again and spanked her until her ass cheeks felt swollen. She managed to keep herself from crying out.

He tied her to the post again and then went to the door. "Untie her and take her to her room. I don't need to tell you not to touch her." A man hustled inside to do his bidding. Beast paced for a moment. "Send Marisol to my room."

He didn't even notice when he pushed past Belle and the footman who was leading her. The footman informed a second footman of King's wishes for Marisol.

Belle supposed, on the way to her room, that he had a need for releasing his seed. Something he'd promised to not let Belle fulfill. She was happy for that, if annoyed with her own body for releasing in its own way. Especially in the face of such abuse.