Sunday, May 03, 2009

S.E.X Part Two

He took in her short skirt and tight top. "Did you teach like that?" In his mind, his next move was to pull her skirt up and down her panties and bury his face in her pussy.

"Stay sitting," she said. Her heels clacked as she came around the bed to see what he was watching. Trevor caressed her silken leg, moving up under her skirt. In the next house, the brunette was eating out the blonde, who looked like a screamer.

"Nice show," Claire commented. Her hands worked into his pants and squeezed his cock. She released him from his pants and moved to her knees. "I didn't teach like this. I changed. I didn't know you'd start without me."

Trevor would have answered, but his cock was engulfed by his hot wife's hot mouth. He glanced at the scene across the way. The blond was still on the receiving end of a good lapping and finger plowing- perhaps fisting.

He groaned as Claire swirled her tongue around his cock head. At this rate he wasn't going to last long.

And with that thought he blew his load right into his beautiful wife's mouth. With a smile up at him, she swallowed and wiped her face.

"She's hot isn't she?" Claire asked, sitting back on her heels.

"She invited me to watch." She looked up at him.

"I fucked her before I met you. Once or twice." Several times, maybe frequently, Trevor filled in. That woke his cock up again. That and Claire's nuzzling cheek.

"I can ask her for a threesome." Trevor thought her words on that previously would be a theory in their marriage. Not something she'd try to put into practice.

"Why don't you turn on the light. I want to see what you put on for me. And what is under that." He raised his eyebrows.

As she did that, he look off his pants and boxers. She was all legs and belly and cleavage standing in front of him.

"You are so fucking good to me," he said, getting on his knees before her. He lifted the scarp of material she passed as a skirt. She was not only pantyless she was bare.

He felt his mouth go dry. "When did you-" He couldn't look away.

"Oh, earlier. I planned a surprise. And then I was surprised. I didn't take you for a voyeur."

"I will tell you the story later. Hold your skirt." She took it from his hands. His tongue out he bent to the juncture of her thighs. He slid his tongue along her slit. Then with gentle fingers he revealed her inner lips. Then he began flicking his tongue against her, tasting her sweet essence.

He wiggled his tongue against Claire's clitoris. Her legs trembled, slapping against his head. And, then she pushed him away. "What the-" he started, staring up at her.

"I can't fucking stand up."

"Then I suggest you get your ass on the bed. Spread your legs and open your pussy for me." He slapped her upper thigh. "I am dying to fuck you." Trevor could barely speak. He looked out the window. The brunette had her head between the blonde's thighs again. The same move Trevor had been just giving Clarie. His gaze moved up the blonde's face. She was enjoying it as much it seemed.

"Hey, do I have to give you a show?" Claire demanded. With the blonde? Yes, please!

"Yes, why don't you touch yourself?" He turned from the window. His wife held open her pussy lips with one hand and caressed herself with the other. He followed her fingers from her clit to the promise of a tight hole. She slid her finger in and out, slowly, twice.

Trevor grabbed her hand and sucked on her finger. While he pushed his cock into her. Her body hugged him like a glove.

"You are a slut," he said while he pumped in and out of her. "I love being inside of you."

Claire rocked her hips to urge him faster. "Make me come. On your cock."

He reached down and covered her breasts. He squeezed each handful. Then backed off to pluck each nipple and twist.

"Do that," she panted, "to my clit."

With his thumb and fingers, he grabbed the engorged nub that pushed out from her labia for him to find. He gave it a sharp pull and twisted clockwise.

Claire gave out a sharp cry as she shattered. She bucked hard against him the nights events culminated into a great explosion from deep within him.

He eased away from his wife. "Fuck. Good times, love. Great surprise."

"I second that." She pushed on her elbows to look at him. "I was serious about the threesome."

"I wouldn't say no."

Claire smiled.

He turned and glanced out the window again. The blonde was alone and the lights were dimmed in her room now. She was looking into his bedroom.

Trevor gave her a thumbs up. She gave one in return. "One thing Claire. What is the neighbour's name?"