Sunday, November 18, 2007

NaNoWriMo Exerpt #2

"And you're going to shave me down there?"

"Your pussy. Say it Lucy."

She shook her head. He went to the bathroom and got a towel. He laid it out on the bed and then pulled her over to him. He took off her shirt and then her jeans. He left her wearing her bra, but her panties went. He laid her back on the bed, with pillows propped up under her head.

"Say the word Lucy," he demanded again, as he sprayed some shaving cream into his hand.

She blushed and laid back as he laid his hand against her pubic hair. He rubbed the cream around and then added some more. "I can't."

"You can. This is pretty erotic isn't it?"

"Very," she said as a moan, his hands rubbing around her sensitive areas. He looked at her face and found her biting her bottom lip.

He unwrapped a razor from the packaging and stood over her. "You need to be very still, I don't want to nick you."

She nodded, looking very worried.

"Do you trust me to do this?"

"Mac, would I be laying here if I didn't trust you."

He smiled and wanted to kiss her right then. But instead he knelt at the end of the bed and carefully put the razor to her lips.

He did a few strokes, rinsing in a bowl of water he sat on the floor next to him. He lifted his head. "Lucy?"


"Say the word Lucy."

He could see her make a face. "Pussy."

He grinned and bent his head again. 30 or so minutes later, he wasn't watching the clock, Miss Lucy had a hair free pubic area. He stroked it, feeling the velvety skin. Once had rinsed the area he bent and kissed it. "How do you feel?" he asked, standing up getting ready to clean up his tools.

"Bare. And I don't just mean bare skin. It's incredibly personal experience to watch someone with their face between your legs for that long. Touching you intimately."

"Their face in your pussy you mean." He thought about licking that velvet skin, he thought about sliding his cock against the bare lips, inside her. That velvet caress him. God, he was getting weak with wanting her. And hard.

"Yes, face in my pussy."

"You know what I'd like in your pussy now?" They were standing in the bathroom now. Cleaning up the room a little.

She pressed her hand to his crotch, dragging it slowly up the length of his manhood. "I can guess."

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