Saturday, April 25, 2009

S.E.X- Part One

Inspired by S.E.X by Nickelback.

Trevor Walsh leaned back from his computer. He took off his glasses and used his free hand to rub his eyes. As he replaced them, he checked his watch. 9:30, his wife wouldn't be back from teaching her evening class for at least an hour.

He glanced out the window into the dusk settling over the average neighbourhood. His very hot blond neighbour was getting hot and heavy on her front porch. Good for her.

She pulled away from the kiss and opened her front door. Then she happened to glance up and caught him watching.

Before he could look away, she waved. He waved back, hoping he looked suitably embarrassed. She shrugged back at him. Then she waved again. This time it wasn't a hello wave. It was a wave to follow. Her final gesture was a mimic for watch.

Could she really be inviting him to watch? No real harm there. It was like watching porn, just slightly more real.

The other thing was, he pondered as he walked through the house, he wasn't sure he'd be able to see into her bedroom. He'd never really paid attention in the seven months since he'd moved into the house. It had been his wife's house for years and she wasn't willing to move.

He opened the blinds in the bedroom. Sure enough, he could see his neighbour and a dark-haired woman sharing some wine. For the life of him he couldn't recall her name. He stepped back into the shadows and sat on the bed, while he waited for his private peep show to begin.

Through the window, Trevor saw the women set their wine glasses aside. Hands on each other's shoulders, they kissed deeply.

It wasn't a sweet kiss, nor merely passionate. There was no romance between the women. It was a prelude to a good fuck.

The brunette's shirt came off. She was bare chested underneath. The blond plucked her nipples until he could see them standing. As Blondie bent her head to suck and lick, the brunette slid her hands into the first woman's shirt.

The blond removed her own shirt and they reversed roles. The brunette lapped at the breasts, while the blond simply teased with her hands. And turned to look at Trevor. She smiled knowingly at him.

He was finding his pants uncomfortably tight now and they women weren't even in each other's pants yet. He unzipped his pants to give himself some relief. But, he didn't release his cock. Not yet.

As he watched Blondie have her nipples sucked, he noticed her hand slid between her partner's legs through her jeans. Obviously frustrated, two sets of hands fumbled for the brunette's button and zipper. The brunette pushed her own pants down, the blond slipped her hands inside.

They fell onto the bed together. At least it looked like they fell. Trevor laughed out loud. He realized he was rubbing the bulge in his jeans. He shoved his hand inside the front of his pants and grabbed himself.

Across the divide both woman had removed their pants and underwear. They were kissing and hands were groping between legs. His mind filled in the details he couldn't see. Hands combing through trimmed pubic hair, parting sticky lips. Fingers that pressed against clits and delving into those warm, wet depths.

The blond moved her partner into a good spot for Trevor to view the crux of her legs. She winked at him over her shoulder then parked herself between the wide spread legs.

With two fingers, she parted the brunette's vulva. Trevor could almost smell the pussy, as his neighbour buried her face in it. He couldn't see what was going on now, so he focused on the receiver's face. And from the look of things, the blond was good at what she was doing.

Trevor stroked his cock slowly with a soft groan.

He could see the brunette shudder and call out as she came. The blond did not miss a beat as she started fingering her partner with two fingers. At least. He tried to move his head so he could see properly how many she was using.

"There you are," his wife, Claire said.

He turned to see her legs glinting in the light coming from the neighbour's bedroom. He hadn't even heard the front door.

He pulled his hand from his pants and moved to get up. "Hi honey."

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kip and Mandy Excerpt 2

She was laying in bed when Kip kissed her hard on the mouth. "I thought you meant we'd take advantage by getting some sleep," she murmured against his mouth.
"I'd rather take advantage of you." He slid his hand down and squeezed her ample bottom. "There's something I've been wanting to do to you."

Mandy hooked her leg over his, spreading herself for him. "Yeah? You wanna tell me or show me?"

He replied by pressing his mouth of hers, sliding his tongue inside her. Her entire body woke up with a hum. He wiggled her little negligee off her body, leaving it tangled in the sheets. She felt his hard body pressing against hers as he licked at her nipples. They turned to pebbles under his tongue.
He slid down further, spreading her further. He licked at her slick heat, until she was panting, twisting the sheets around her. He came back and reached for the bedside table. They had stopped using condoms a while ago, when she went on the Pill.

He returned with a slick purple vibrator and a bottle of lubricant. Her body trembled in anticipation. He set the vibrator between them, and squeezed some lube on his hand. He rubbed it over his cock and then slipped his hand between her legs, sliding two fingers into her soaking pussy.

A few thrusts left her begging for completion. But, he stopped. His hand came out and he rubbed some more lube on his fingers. His hand didn't stop at her pussy, he moved further back to her ass. With a finger he gently rubbed at the puckered hole.

"You okay with this?" he asked.

"It's not the first time we've ever done this." Her words were coming out in spurts as he massaged.

"Are you okay with this?" he asked again with a flash in his eyes.

She nodded. "Yes." She closed her eyes and let out a groan as his finger slipped inside. "God, yes."

He fingered the tight spot. She felt her muscles tensing and relaxing around his finger, as her body adjusted itself. He inserted a second finger, making sure she was ready.

He leaned over her and whispered into ear. "Can I fuck your tight ass?"

"Yes please," she replied. Her body felt like a taut string about to break. She
turned over cradling his erection against her lower back. He moved her up so he was pressed against her ass. There was a sudden mechanical hum. The vibrator, she recalled, as he reached around with one hand to press it against her clit.

She exploded in orgasm before he even entered her. He waited until the waves subsided and then he pushed gently, slowly into her. Once he was inside he was still, giving them time to adjust to the sensations.

"Please," she whispered. She reached her free arm back to caress his arm. He pressed the vibe harder against her as he started to move inside her.

He groaned behind her with each small movement. His mouth was pressed into the back of her head, as he took her. He muttered small encouragements. "God, you feel so amazing. So tight around me." Mandy closed her eyes and focused on the feelings in her body, the stretch his cock was creating, the hum of the vibrator moving through her entire body. And then she came so hard, she was sure she was seeing stars.

She heard him grunt behind her, the usual sign of his impending orgasm. She was certain she felt the physical force of his come hitting the inside of her body.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Kip and Mandy Excerpt 1

As she went into Kip's bedroom, she felt her heart thud against her ribs. She took a deep breath and closed the door. She could hear the shower already on. She stared at the closed bathroom door for a few moments, trying to settle her nerves. Finally she stripped her clothes off and opened the door.

The room was steamy and she quickly shut it behind her. She ran her hand along the marble counter top, and then across the edge of the jacuzzi. The amount of money Kip had sunk in. It set her a little off balance. She forced those thoughts to the side, as she opened the shower door.

Kip yelped as he spun around. He wiped the water off his face. "Still open?" she asked, her voice pitched high.

He took her hand and pulled her into the spray of hot water. He kissed her then, as the water ran over his head, down her face. He moved so their bodies were pressed together.

Wordlessly, he soaped up his hands and started with her shoulders. By the time he was done, she had been washed all over by his hands. He shut off the water and climbed out. She just wordlessly followed his soundless demands. He dried her off and she closed her eyes, glorying in his hands on her body.

"Did you just come for the shower?" he asked.

She shook her head. "Do we have time?"

"Not to take the time to worship you like I should. But, it's been so long since I've had sex I'll go off the minute you touch me." She had already noticed his erection in the shower.

"Me too. I don't care. The first time, let's just. Not have expectations."

He kissed her and moved her backwards out of the bathroom. "You deserve better than what this is going to be." He picked up her up and placed her on the center of his bed. "You look like you belong there."

He descended upon her. His kisses heated and demanding. His fingers played on her skin, teasing her nipples, tracing circles on her areola. Then he replaced his fingers with his mouth. His fingers traveled down her body. He pressed open her legs. She whimpered in anticipation as her fingers drew restless circles on his chest, squeezed his shoulders.

She closed her eyes, unwilling to look at him while he caressed her so intimately. He combed his fingers through her dewy curls. He spread the tender lips, a finger pressed into her clit, rubbing it in quick circles.

She practically grabbed his cock, as it lay heavy between them on her thigh. She caressed him gently, rubbed him hard. Amazingly, he grew even harder with each stroke. At least it seemed that way to her. But, four years without sex might have caused her mind to play tricks on her.

He slipped one finger into her. "You feel so tight," he murmured into her ear. She didn't reply, she'd explain later. Maybe. It had been embarrassingly long for her. Instead, she let her legs fall open as she moaned.

He stroked her, stoking her further. She felt like she was about to explode when he stopped. His hand removed. She watched him through hazy eyes as he rolled over. She blinked as she saw him open a silver warper. Thank God he was thinking about protection, she realized as he covered himself.

He rolled her onto her back, pressing his weight into her. "Never doubt how sexy you are," he murmured, as guided his cock into her waiting body. He groaned low into her ear. "Good god, you are fucking tight."

She was. It hurt, so she pressed her eyes closed to hide it. As he started to thrust into her, he slipped a hand between their bodies, caressing that tiny hidden nub. The pain started to recede, and pleasure quickly took it's place. He pressed her higher and higher, rubbing faster and faster, thrusting harder into her. With one hand he lifted her hips upward, in response to the low moans she let out.

She felt herself explode. She opened her eyes in shock as the orgasm washed over her. "Holy mother of-." Kip stopped moving and lifted himself above her so he could see her.