Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The novel is maybe half done. Will I finish it? Maybe. We'll see. Back your regularly scheduled smut.

Friday, November 03, 2006

This is totally unedited

But people appear to be reading this page so I wanted to put some new material up, while I'm busy with NaNoWriMo. Althought most aren't staying on the page long ...
So, here is the first sex scene from my NaNo. I will spell check it but otherwise it is completely unedited.

They were both more than little drunk. Their respective dates had made sure they got home safely, after they declined to go for breakfast. They both stood outside their apartment, fumbling with the keys.

Finally they stumbled inside, both shushing the other. “We should go to bed,” Amy said.

“Yes. I’m not a little bit sleepy.”

“Me neither. I’m wired from dancing. I haven’t had that much fun in ages.”

“Me neither. I think the guys were a little upset that we were more interested in dancing with each other then them.”

Amy shrugged with a short laugh. “I think they enjoyed watching us move together. We were on fire.”

They stopped talking and found themselves standing close again. Amy touched Gabi’s hand. “Will you sleep with me?”

Gabi didn’t stop to think about how strange that request was. She nodded. Amy grasped her hand and pulled her to her room. Gabi stood in the doorway and surveyed the room. Previously she had only peeked her head in the room. She and Amy weren’t that close. They had only been living together for 6 months.

The room was done in black and red. The walls were covered with material in those colours, alternating lengths about four feet wide. The bed was covered in a blanket made of the same material. There was a vanity with lights on it in the corner, which was covered in various things, makeup, clothing, shoes and books. The floor was free from clutter. Gabi wondered where Amy kept her clothing. There must be a closet behind the fabric somewhere she decided.

Gabi kicked off her shoes and sighed with the delicious feeling of having her feet on the soft carpet and out of the high heels she had been wearing for far too long. And had done far too much dancing in.

Gabi looked up and realized that Amy was stripping out of the clothes she had wore to the club. She stood in her bra and panties before pulling a long t-shirt over her head.

Gabi didn’t know what to do. Should she sleep in her dress or go to her room and get some night clothes? She was partial to sleeping in her tank top and shorts. Gabi looked at the door and started toward it.

Amy stopped her by crossing the room and touching her Gabi’s waist. Gabi looked at Amy, her heart suddenly pounding. She saw the look of lust in Amy’s eyes and wanted to flee from it. She always thought Amy was beautiful, but she had no sexual interest in women. Did she?

Gabi didn’t have time to ponder the question. Amy had put her arms around Gabi and was pulling at the zipper of her dress. It gave under the gentle tugging of Amy’s slender fingers. Amy smiled and slid the dress off Gabi’s shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Amy was chewing on her bottom lip as she stepped back and looked at Gabi. Gabi wondered what in the world Amy could be thinking about, while she stood shivering a little under the gaze.

“Cold?” Amy asked.

Gabi shook her head.


Gabi nodded a little. Amy smoothed Gabi’s hair down. “I’ll go slow.”

Gabi nodded again. She wanted to tell Amy she didn’t like women, that she didn’t know what to do, that she wanted to go to her own bed. But she knew that none of those thoughts were true. She wanted Amy to touch her and she wanted to feel Amy’s softness. She wanted to move into and drink it in.

Amy put her body against Gabi’s, lightly touching from chest to hip. Gabi’s lips parted a little and she half closed her eyes.

Gabi closed her eyes when she felt Amy’s lips brush against hers. When the warmth and softness of them was removed she opened them wide and leaned closer to Amy.

Amy smiled across at Gabi, then pressed their lips together again. Gabi wasn’t sure if the sigh was hers or Amy’s but it was nice anyway. Their bodies melded together as their arms went around each other. Their mouths opened and the kiss deepened. Then it waned a little, Amy giving Gabi time to adjust. Then, when Gabi opened her mouth again Amy delved her tongue inside.

Gabi gasped and tensed. Amy’s soft insist tongue against hers coaxed her into responding. Gabi rubbed her tongue against Amy’s and chasing it into Amy’s mouth when it retreated.

It was Gabi’s hands that made the first move. First, along Amy’s sides, tickling, until Amy was squirming and trying to grab Gabi’s hands. They pulled apart a little, giggling.

Amy interlaced her fingers with Gabi’s. “No tickling. Try a caress.” Amy turned their hands and put Gabi’s hand on her breast. She forced it to close a little, squeezing. Gabi felt the nipple respond to the little touch.

Amy removed her hand and kissed Gabi again. Gabi kept gently squeezing Amy’s breast. Then she rubbed her palm against the hard center. She felt the nipple respond again, through the fabric of Amy’s bra and shirt.

Gabi put her arms around Amy and slide her hands down her back. When she reached Amy’s buttocks she squeezed a little and then lifted the hem of the shirt. Moving her hands up she found the clasp of Amy’s bra and undid it.

Amy sighed a little into Gabi’s mouth as she felt her breasts freed.

Gabi ran her hands back up Amy’s bare back, lifting the shirt as she moved. Amy took a half step back and pulled her shirt off over her head and let it drop to the floor. Then she pushed the straps of her bra down her arms. Gabi wanted the black satin contrast against Amy’s pale skin. Then Amy moved into Gabi again.

“Maybe we should move to the bed,” Gabi panted, as Amy’s mouth hovered over it.

Amy grinned. “You sure you’re nervous about this? I could swear you’ve done this sort of thing before.”

“I’ve done sex and make out before. Just never with a girl. Never with someone so beautiful.” Gabi let her eyes roam Amy’s body. She started blushing as Amy took her hand and pulled her down onto the bed.

“Don’t tell me you are suddenly going to get shy?” Amy said, putting a hand on Gabi’s shoulder.

Gabi laid her head down and watched Amy. Amy shook her head and kissed Gabi. That made Gabi forget to be shy and she let her hands roam lightly around Amy’s back.

Amy undid Gabi’s bra and pulled it off. She tossed it to the floor. With one hand she caressed Gabi’s breast, flicking her thumb over the nipple, listening to the sharp inhale of breath turn to panting. Gabi tentatively caressed Amy’s breast, one in each hand. She was watching her hands closely as she let a finger trail across a nipple. The motion caused Amy to stop moving, to stop playing with Amy. Gabi circled the finger around the nipple.

She looked up at Amy who was staring at Gabi with an open mouth. Then, with a burst of self-confidence, Gabi bent her head and flicked her tongue on the nipple. Amy put her hands on Gabi’s head, worming her fingers into the hair, holding Gabi close to her body.

Gabi sucked the nipple into her mouth. She suckled it sweetly, while swirling her tongue. Her hand on the other nipple, twisting it between her thumb and forefinger. Amy was moaning and moving restlessly. Her hands were pulling Gabi’s hair.

Gabi lifted her head with a grin up toward Amy. Then she put her mouth on the other nipple, lavishing the same attention there. When she was done with that she slid further down and kissed Amy’s bare stomach. She planted little kisses along the waist of Amy’s panties.

Amy tried to pull Gabi back up but Gabi shook her head. Instead, Gabi put her hands on Amy’s thighs and pushed them gently apart. Gabi kissed Amy’s crotch through the panties, feeling the wet that had soaked through. Gabi licked at it, tasting her new lover for the first time.

When Gabi lifted her gaze Amy was staring at her. Between pants Amy said, “I thought I’d have to coax you or convince you into my bed. If I had known you were this easy I would have jumped on you the moment you moved in.”

Gabi giggled while she worked her hands into Amy’s panties. She pulled them down slowly. “This is all a little surprising for me. But I’m doing what I feel.”

Gabi was a little surprised to find that Amy’s pussy was completely free of hair. “Brazilian wax,” Amy replied to the look on Gabi’s face.

Gabi nodded slowly. She let her fingers touch the mound. It felt velvety and soft. Nothing like her own pussy which she kept trimmed, but never had dared to go bare herself. With the observation of a scientist, Gabi used her fingers to pull the lips apart.

Amy’s juices coated the lower inner lips. The inner lips were dark and begging. Gabi slid a finger inside, lubricating it with Amy’s juice. She moved her finger slowly up and down the slit, making Amy move impatiently. She touched Amy’s clit with her wet finger, making Amy jump.

Gabi removed her finger. “No, don’t stop,” Amy panted.

Gabi touched Amy’s clit again. It felt big, much bigger then Gabi’s. Gabi rubbed the clit in little circles, stopping frequently to gather more liquid on her finger.

Amy was moaning and lifting her hips. Suddenly she cried out loudly and shuddered several times. Then Amy lay still on the bed, gulping in air.

“Wow,” Gabi said.

“Wow indeed,” Amy replied.

Gabi blushed.

“I want to taste you,” Amy said.

“I want another taste of you as well.”

Amy told Gabi to lay on the bed. She then put her head between Gabi’s legs. She put her feet on either side of Gabi’s head. Gabi lifted her head into Amy’s crotch and inhaled the smell of sex lingering there.

Amy’s tongue was pressed against Gabi’s mound. Gabi sighed, which quickly turned into a moan when Amy’s tongue touched her clit. “You taste good,” Amy announced, lifting her mouth away for a brief moment.

Using her fingers, Gabi spread Amy’s labia. Then she opened her mouth and suckled onto Amy’s clit.

The two women sucked and licked at each other until they were both shaking.

Amy lay down next to Gabi and looked at her. “Have you had one?”

Gabi shook her head. “It’s okay.”

Amy wormed her hand between Gabi’s legs. Gabi closed her eyes with a sigh when Amy pushed two fingers inside of her cunt. Amy thrust them in and out, while she panted in Gabi’s ear. Gabi groaned and arched her hips upward.

As the pressure inside her pussy built Gabi started to thrust her hips up and down. “More, more,” she panted out to Amy.

Amy kissed her softly and slid a third finger into Gabi’s throbbing pussy. Gabi tensed her pussy muscles around Amy’s fingers, at the same time moving her hand down between her legs, touching a finger to her clit.

Gabi was clinging to Amy as she felt herself explode from the inside. Her cunt clenching in waves around Amy’s still thrusting fingers. A final flood of liquid seeping out of her and onto Amy’s fingers.

Smiling at Gabi, Amy pulled her fingers out. She put her fingers to Gabi’s mouth. Gabi opened and sucked the fingers clean.