Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Just can't get clean.

"Go start the shower."

I stand and go to the bathroom. Leaning in, turning on the shower. Holding one hand under the pouring water, the other adjusting the temperature until it's just the way you like it. I stick my head out the door and call that it's ready.

You come in, undress, dropping your clothes on the floor. I sigh and stand to the side, watching your naked body. My body responds and I shift.

I stay watching as you get under the warm spray and wash yourself. I get the towel ready thinking you will turn the water off and step out. Instead you beckon me into the shower. I start to undress but you shake your head. "Just get in here now."

I closes my eyes and breath. "Oh."

I step under the spray, feeling it cover my shirt and pants, a muttered prayer of thanks that I'm not wearing jeans. I brush my hair back from my face, wiping the water away.

Your hand on the top of my head pushes me down. I lower myself to my knees, squaring my body in front of yours, my head at your crotch.

I glance up at you briefly, but you aren't looking at me. I take your half hard cock into my mouth, sucking a little. Your hand pets the side of my hair, moving me so you can stand under the warm water.

I shiver, the warmth of the water taken off of me. I feel your cock growing hard in my mouth, on my tongue. I start to bob my head, your cock moving in and out of my mouth. Your hands tighten on the sides of my heads, and I take a deep breath, relaxing my whole body.

You just hold me, your hands moving with my head. I hold you in my mouth, deep, relaxing. Your cock threatening to push against my reflex. I use my tongue to press your cock to the roof of my mouth. Once I am relaxed, I continue, pulling you deeper into my mouth.

Your hands stroke my hair again. I smile to myself, pleased with the reaction.

I am getting tired, my mouth is sore. You notice I am becoming lax. You grab the sides of my hair and start pulling and pushing my head in and out. Then, you are thrusting your hips into my face. Your cock deep in my mouth, pressing deeper.

I focus on my hands on your hips. Suppressing the need to sputter as you thrust, hitting the back of my mouth.

Your body shudders, becoming stiff. You come into my mouth. I gulp, with a shudder. You turn the water off and then pull your cock out of my mouth. You look down at me, smiling and shaking your head. "Dirty even in the shower."

Friday, December 15, 2006

Task complete, Master.

She kneeled before him, her forehead on his knees. She focused on his feet as his hand stroked her hair. They were both bare, clothing having been discarded much earlier. "What can I do to please you?" She lifted her head looking at him.

"That is something you need to think of." He tugged her hair, affectionately.

She sighed and leaned down again. Did he make it difficult on purpose? She tried to think of what he would like. She kissed his knee, trailing kisses up his leg. She pushed her way into his crotch
with her head. He leaned back, keeping one hand on the back of her head. She kissed and licked at his soft cock, making him jump.

With one hand she stroked his cock, watching it harden. With her other, she pulled his hand to touch her breast, begging him to touch her silently. He let her use his hand to fondle her, not actively

"Lay down," his voice soft. She jumps still, and then removes her hands from his body. She moves away from any furniture and lays herself on the rug. She spreads her legs slightly, her arms out to
the sides, waiting for him. "Be still now. And quiet. Eyes open."

She started to close her eyes and then opened them again. She looked at him, attention focused as his hands started at her neck, caressing lightly. He tickled down her chest, over her stomach, making her
jump. Giggles threatening. Then harder , caressing her breasts, tenderly feeling her. Molding her flesh to his hands, rolling her nipples between his fingers.

She started to moan, the gentle touch assaulting her senses. He moved a hand between her legs, rub lightly at her lips. He watched her face as he slid a finger between the slick lips, pressing his finger
lightly against her clit. She moaned loudly, spreading her legs wider.

He pushed them back together. "Still and quiet."

She nodded, biting her bottom lip. "Okay," it was a whisper.

He smiled and leaned over kissing her. She reached up, clinging to his lips, while his finger, the only part of him touching her, assaulted her clit gently. Soon she was rocking her hips, and moaning again.

"I don't want you to come. Wait until I tell you."

She nodded, grasping at the floor. He continued making slow circles on her clit. She was gasping, her breath catching in her throat each time she thought about begging to come.

Suddenly he pulled his finger away. She felt her body go jelly as she melted into the floor, relaxing.

"Make me come first. Then you may come. Without your mouth."

She gaped at him. She couldn't use her mouth and she couldn't fuck him, because she would come the instant he was buried inside of her pussy. She put one hand on her ass. It wouldn't be the most pleasant part of the day.

"Lay down please."

He stretched out on the floor, smiling at her. "Hold on," she said, retrieving the lube, from where it was discarded earlier. She used her hands to coat his cock thickly with the lube.

Using her hands she eased his cock into her ass. She bit her lip, going slowly, trying to give her body time to adjust. He grabbed her hips and moved her steadily down until there was no further to go.

She fought the urge to resist his guidance. Then, not letting herself take a moment to get used to the feeling she lifted her body off of him and then slowly back in. He nodded his approval and she kept
going. Soon she was feeling more relaxed, opening to him.

"Faster," he urged. She thrust faster, concentrating on his face. If she lost focus she would get tense again and the discomfort would return.

She watched him carefully, waiting for signs that he was going to come. She thrust harder, faster, caressing his chest with her fingers. He groaned and matched her thrusts, lifting his hips.

She clenched around him a little. She felt him thrust slower, moving stiffly. His face contorted into a grimace as he came into her.

When he had stopped shuddering, she lifted her body off his. Feeling stretched, she sank down on the floor next to him. "Use your fingers."

She panted, spreading her knees to expose her pussy. She stayed on her knees, bending over a little to push three fingers into herself. She thrust them into herself. He murmured encouragement to her, while
she used her fingers to get herself off. With her other hand she pinched her clit, pulling it. She trembled a little.

"May i?" she asked, lifting her eyes to meet his.

He waited a few beats before nodding. She twisted her clit lightly, spreading her fingers inside her pussy, thrusting them, spreading herself.

She gasped loudly, arching her back and removing her fingers

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The novel is maybe half done. Will I finish it? Maybe. We'll see. Back your regularly scheduled smut.

Friday, November 03, 2006

This is totally unedited

But people appear to be reading this page so I wanted to put some new material up, while I'm busy with NaNoWriMo. Althought most aren't staying on the page long ...
So, here is the first sex scene from my NaNo. I will spell check it but otherwise it is completely unedited.

They were both more than little drunk. Their respective dates had made sure they got home safely, after they declined to go for breakfast. They both stood outside their apartment, fumbling with the keys.

Finally they stumbled inside, both shushing the other. “We should go to bed,” Amy said.

“Yes. I’m not a little bit sleepy.”

“Me neither. I’m wired from dancing. I haven’t had that much fun in ages.”

“Me neither. I think the guys were a little upset that we were more interested in dancing with each other then them.”

Amy shrugged with a short laugh. “I think they enjoyed watching us move together. We were on fire.”

They stopped talking and found themselves standing close again. Amy touched Gabi’s hand. “Will you sleep with me?”

Gabi didn’t stop to think about how strange that request was. She nodded. Amy grasped her hand and pulled her to her room. Gabi stood in the doorway and surveyed the room. Previously she had only peeked her head in the room. She and Amy weren’t that close. They had only been living together for 6 months.

The room was done in black and red. The walls were covered with material in those colours, alternating lengths about four feet wide. The bed was covered in a blanket made of the same material. There was a vanity with lights on it in the corner, which was covered in various things, makeup, clothing, shoes and books. The floor was free from clutter. Gabi wondered where Amy kept her clothing. There must be a closet behind the fabric somewhere she decided.

Gabi kicked off her shoes and sighed with the delicious feeling of having her feet on the soft carpet and out of the high heels she had been wearing for far too long. And had done far too much dancing in.

Gabi looked up and realized that Amy was stripping out of the clothes she had wore to the club. She stood in her bra and panties before pulling a long t-shirt over her head.

Gabi didn’t know what to do. Should she sleep in her dress or go to her room and get some night clothes? She was partial to sleeping in her tank top and shorts. Gabi looked at the door and started toward it.

Amy stopped her by crossing the room and touching her Gabi’s waist. Gabi looked at Amy, her heart suddenly pounding. She saw the look of lust in Amy’s eyes and wanted to flee from it. She always thought Amy was beautiful, but she had no sexual interest in women. Did she?

Gabi didn’t have time to ponder the question. Amy had put her arms around Gabi and was pulling at the zipper of her dress. It gave under the gentle tugging of Amy’s slender fingers. Amy smiled and slid the dress off Gabi’s shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Amy was chewing on her bottom lip as she stepped back and looked at Gabi. Gabi wondered what in the world Amy could be thinking about, while she stood shivering a little under the gaze.

“Cold?” Amy asked.

Gabi shook her head.


Gabi nodded a little. Amy smoothed Gabi’s hair down. “I’ll go slow.”

Gabi nodded again. She wanted to tell Amy she didn’t like women, that she didn’t know what to do, that she wanted to go to her own bed. But she knew that none of those thoughts were true. She wanted Amy to touch her and she wanted to feel Amy’s softness. She wanted to move into and drink it in.

Amy put her body against Gabi’s, lightly touching from chest to hip. Gabi’s lips parted a little and she half closed her eyes.

Gabi closed her eyes when she felt Amy’s lips brush against hers. When the warmth and softness of them was removed she opened them wide and leaned closer to Amy.

Amy smiled across at Gabi, then pressed their lips together again. Gabi wasn’t sure if the sigh was hers or Amy’s but it was nice anyway. Their bodies melded together as their arms went around each other. Their mouths opened and the kiss deepened. Then it waned a little, Amy giving Gabi time to adjust. Then, when Gabi opened her mouth again Amy delved her tongue inside.

Gabi gasped and tensed. Amy’s soft insist tongue against hers coaxed her into responding. Gabi rubbed her tongue against Amy’s and chasing it into Amy’s mouth when it retreated.

It was Gabi’s hands that made the first move. First, along Amy’s sides, tickling, until Amy was squirming and trying to grab Gabi’s hands. They pulled apart a little, giggling.

Amy interlaced her fingers with Gabi’s. “No tickling. Try a caress.” Amy turned their hands and put Gabi’s hand on her breast. She forced it to close a little, squeezing. Gabi felt the nipple respond to the little touch.

Amy removed her hand and kissed Gabi again. Gabi kept gently squeezing Amy’s breast. Then she rubbed her palm against the hard center. She felt the nipple respond again, through the fabric of Amy’s bra and shirt.

Gabi put her arms around Amy and slide her hands down her back. When she reached Amy’s buttocks she squeezed a little and then lifted the hem of the shirt. Moving her hands up she found the clasp of Amy’s bra and undid it.

Amy sighed a little into Gabi’s mouth as she felt her breasts freed.

Gabi ran her hands back up Amy’s bare back, lifting the shirt as she moved. Amy took a half step back and pulled her shirt off over her head and let it drop to the floor. Then she pushed the straps of her bra down her arms. Gabi wanted the black satin contrast against Amy’s pale skin. Then Amy moved into Gabi again.

“Maybe we should move to the bed,” Gabi panted, as Amy’s mouth hovered over it.

Amy grinned. “You sure you’re nervous about this? I could swear you’ve done this sort of thing before.”

“I’ve done sex and make out before. Just never with a girl. Never with someone so beautiful.” Gabi let her eyes roam Amy’s body. She started blushing as Amy took her hand and pulled her down onto the bed.

“Don’t tell me you are suddenly going to get shy?” Amy said, putting a hand on Gabi’s shoulder.

Gabi laid her head down and watched Amy. Amy shook her head and kissed Gabi. That made Gabi forget to be shy and she let her hands roam lightly around Amy’s back.

Amy undid Gabi’s bra and pulled it off. She tossed it to the floor. With one hand she caressed Gabi’s breast, flicking her thumb over the nipple, listening to the sharp inhale of breath turn to panting. Gabi tentatively caressed Amy’s breast, one in each hand. She was watching her hands closely as she let a finger trail across a nipple. The motion caused Amy to stop moving, to stop playing with Amy. Gabi circled the finger around the nipple.

She looked up at Amy who was staring at Gabi with an open mouth. Then, with a burst of self-confidence, Gabi bent her head and flicked her tongue on the nipple. Amy put her hands on Gabi’s head, worming her fingers into the hair, holding Gabi close to her body.

Gabi sucked the nipple into her mouth. She suckled it sweetly, while swirling her tongue. Her hand on the other nipple, twisting it between her thumb and forefinger. Amy was moaning and moving restlessly. Her hands were pulling Gabi’s hair.

Gabi lifted her head with a grin up toward Amy. Then she put her mouth on the other nipple, lavishing the same attention there. When she was done with that she slid further down and kissed Amy’s bare stomach. She planted little kisses along the waist of Amy’s panties.

Amy tried to pull Gabi back up but Gabi shook her head. Instead, Gabi put her hands on Amy’s thighs and pushed them gently apart. Gabi kissed Amy’s crotch through the panties, feeling the wet that had soaked through. Gabi licked at it, tasting her new lover for the first time.

When Gabi lifted her gaze Amy was staring at her. Between pants Amy said, “I thought I’d have to coax you or convince you into my bed. If I had known you were this easy I would have jumped on you the moment you moved in.”

Gabi giggled while she worked her hands into Amy’s panties. She pulled them down slowly. “This is all a little surprising for me. But I’m doing what I feel.”

Gabi was a little surprised to find that Amy’s pussy was completely free of hair. “Brazilian wax,” Amy replied to the look on Gabi’s face.

Gabi nodded slowly. She let her fingers touch the mound. It felt velvety and soft. Nothing like her own pussy which she kept trimmed, but never had dared to go bare herself. With the observation of a scientist, Gabi used her fingers to pull the lips apart.

Amy’s juices coated the lower inner lips. The inner lips were dark and begging. Gabi slid a finger inside, lubricating it with Amy’s juice. She moved her finger slowly up and down the slit, making Amy move impatiently. She touched Amy’s clit with her wet finger, making Amy jump.

Gabi removed her finger. “No, don’t stop,” Amy panted.

Gabi touched Amy’s clit again. It felt big, much bigger then Gabi’s. Gabi rubbed the clit in little circles, stopping frequently to gather more liquid on her finger.

Amy was moaning and lifting her hips. Suddenly she cried out loudly and shuddered several times. Then Amy lay still on the bed, gulping in air.

“Wow,” Gabi said.

“Wow indeed,” Amy replied.

Gabi blushed.

“I want to taste you,” Amy said.

“I want another taste of you as well.”

Amy told Gabi to lay on the bed. She then put her head between Gabi’s legs. She put her feet on either side of Gabi’s head. Gabi lifted her head into Amy’s crotch and inhaled the smell of sex lingering there.

Amy’s tongue was pressed against Gabi’s mound. Gabi sighed, which quickly turned into a moan when Amy’s tongue touched her clit. “You taste good,” Amy announced, lifting her mouth away for a brief moment.

Using her fingers, Gabi spread Amy’s labia. Then she opened her mouth and suckled onto Amy’s clit.

The two women sucked and licked at each other until they were both shaking.

Amy lay down next to Gabi and looked at her. “Have you had one?”

Gabi shook her head. “It’s okay.”

Amy wormed her hand between Gabi’s legs. Gabi closed her eyes with a sigh when Amy pushed two fingers inside of her cunt. Amy thrust them in and out, while she panted in Gabi’s ear. Gabi groaned and arched her hips upward.

As the pressure inside her pussy built Gabi started to thrust her hips up and down. “More, more,” she panted out to Amy.

Amy kissed her softly and slid a third finger into Gabi’s throbbing pussy. Gabi tensed her pussy muscles around Amy’s fingers, at the same time moving her hand down between her legs, touching a finger to her clit.

Gabi was clinging to Amy as she felt herself explode from the inside. Her cunt clenching in waves around Amy’s still thrusting fingers. A final flood of liquid seeping out of her and onto Amy’s fingers.

Smiling at Gabi, Amy pulled her fingers out. She put her fingers to Gabi’s mouth. Gabi opened and sucked the fingers clean.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Not quite a dark corner ...

Your hand on my knee makes me uncross them. The skirt of my dress edges up and my bare thigh brushes against the table cloth. I feel a little exposed, even knowing that I'm hidden by the table. I pull my dress back down trying to cover myself. I look at our companions across the table. They are talking casually, not noticing my reaction. I cannot remember the topic so I just smile and try to listen.
Your fingers ease under my skirt, pulling it upward again. Your fingers run lightly along my inner thigh and I giggle. I put my hand on your arm in a plea for you to stop. Your hand touches my back and I get a look. It is a reminder to behave. I straighten my back, still watching you.
You smile. It is a worrying smile, the smile of a plan. I turn my attention back to the female on my right, who is talking about a movie she saw last week. Your fingers grab my inner thigh and pinch tight. I nearly jump out of my seat. My head whips around and I give you a sharp look. I want to growl at you, but resist the urge. When I look back around the table there are confused looks. I smile brightly.
I am relieved when the music comes back on and the others leave to dance. You move closer to me. I can smell the alcohol on your breath. It is a light smell because you've only been drinking to be sociable. I can also smell you, and it immediately turns me on. I want to push my lips against yours and taste you.
Your hand pushes my legs further apart. I lean back to watch your face. Your fingers brush against the thin material of my panties. I tilt my hips upward and spread my legs further, letting me have better access to my body.
I take a long drink from my glass. "This is supposed to be a challenge," You say in my ear.
I shiver, staring at the liquid in my glass. "I still have to act like a good girl."
Your answers is to slide a finger under the crotch of my panties. "I love how wet you get in public."
I close my eyes and let the music guide my body's movements.
You wet your fingertip just inside of me. I feel you drag it up my slit and then worm it's way inside my hood to press on my clit.
"Your nipples are showing. You are rocking your hips. I don't think you are being a good girl at all."
I open my eyes and look downward at my chest. I shrug a little, reminding myself not to forgo a bra next time.
You slide your free hand across my chest. Your fingers pinch and twist a nipple, making it stand out more. I cry out in pain and pleasure. My arm lifts towards you.
Your finger is rubbing a small tight circle on my clit. "How much more can you take before you lose it?" Your voice is deep in my ear.
I lean over and look at your growing crotch. I read my hand toward it. "How much can you take?"
You grab my hand before it can touch you, pushing it away. "That is against the rules."
I pout a little and think to reply. Before I can you shove three fingers inside of me. I gasp and grip my glass tightly.
You thrust your fingers a few times into me. I am left limp and panting against the chair.
Just as suddenly as you entered me, you exit. Your fingers, wet, wrap around my upper arm.
"What?" I pant, as you stand up, pulling me to my feet.
I grab my drink, gulping the rest down. I decide that you are taking me home to finish this.
We pass our tablemates as they return from the dance floor. "Going for a dance?" the girl asks. I wish I could remember her name. I wish I knew where we were going.
"We'll be right back," you say.
I turn to you. "Where are we going?"
There is no reply. You are half-dragging me, your long legs able to cover much more distance then mine. I'm in heels, stumbling after you.
We enter a darkened corner of the bar. My pussy starts to throb thinking of the possibilities. I've never had sex in such a public place. The threat of being caught imminent. The threat of being watched much more likely. There is a mixture of fear and excitement in my belly. I press my free hand to my middle, trying to calm myself.
A light looms in front of me and we enter a bathroom. There is no line, but there are men using urinals. They glance at us, and I smile a little. Then you push me into a stall and lock the door behind me.
I am shaking a little. But my nerves cannot stop my pussy from soaking through my panties.
Your hands cover my breast, squeezing and pushing them roughly together. Your fingers pinch my nipples through my dress. I decide maybe not wearing a bra was a good idea, after all.
While you work on my breasts, I raise my skirt and remove my panties. I lean my back against the door.
Your eyes are dark as they meet mine. I feel a surge of fear. I distract myself with grappling with your belt, trying to free your cock. My hands are shaking too much and I just bump in knuckles against you.
You push my hands away and put a hand on my shoulders. I sink to the ground on my knees, under pressure of your hand. Your other hand swiftly undoes your belt and pants, and they drop to the floor.
I look up at you with a smile, having all but forgotten where I am. The desire to please you outweighs my modesty, or what little is left of it. I glance around the stall. I fold my hands in my lap and wait patiently.
I am not left waiting long. Your underwear quickly falls around your ankles.
I waste no time moving into you. I open my mouth wide and engulf your hard cock with my mouth. Your hands grip the sides of my head as I take you deep into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the head of your cock.
You groan and stiffen. I smile at the reaction, and bob my head faster.
My pussy is throbbing. And I hope that you are planning on fucking me, not just getting off in my mouth. The thought is a little satisfying, but my body would still be throbbing. A mixture of frustration and pleasure courses through my body. Stuck in the club, throbbing and unsatisfied. Until we go home and I beg you to fuck me. If I make it home. I might beg you to fuck me in the car, or outside the club.
I sigh and bring my thoughts back to the erection in my mouth.
Your hands have wrapped into my hair and you pull me away. I frown up at you. My frown turns to a whimper when you lift me by my hair. I quickly get my feet under me and stand up in front of you.
You light the skirt around my waist. I breath a sigh of relief, you're going to fuck me.
You put your hands under my butt and lift me a little. Once in position, your cock slides inside of me. I relax more as you fill me up.
I am moaning and panting as you start to thrust into me. I try to bit my bottom lip. I grip your shoulders tightly, a shout announcing my orgasm. I fight to keep my body tense as you start pounding into me. The stall is shaking and I hope it is sturdy.
Your fingers are pinching my butt, your moans in my ear, just for me to hear.
I feel your mouth on my shoulder. A light kiss at first and then I feel teeth. Your body stiffens and the thrusts are shorter. You are no longer holding me up. I drop to the floor and try to get my feet under me. But you collapse against and I am pinned to the door. The cold metal makes me squeal again and I try to push you away.
You stand, pulling your pants back up. I grab my panties and think about getting them back on. But you have already opened the stall door. I stare at the pink material in my hands.
I look at your back which is leaving the bathroom. I drop the panties on the floor and stumble to follow you out.
There is a group of men who are staring at us. They have gathered to listen to me. I am blushing deep red and hurrying toward the darkened club.


I apolgize to anyone reading this for not having more up. I've been busy planning my NaNo novel. Which I will likely post bits and pieces of here from time to time. And I've a good deal of other things going on. I almost have my second story ready to go up.

I also apologize for not spell checking the first story. I'll do better in the future. Somehow I do manage to get through the day.

Monday, October 23, 2006


I grip my glass, hastily. It splashes against the sides, but doesn't spill over. I look back up to you. You are smiling. You are tense, waiting to put your body in motion. But you wait and watch to see what I do.
I slide my right hand along the inside of my thigh. I trail my fingers against my shaved pussy. A light touch, tracing the outline. I am trying to tease you, but it is more likely that I am teasing you.
I push myself to sitting. I finish the rest of my wine in my glass. My other hand is still between my legs.
You get up and kneel beside me. Your fingers brush mine as you take the glass from me. I shiver and smile up at you. You smile back and I look down. I hear the glass clink down onto the table. And then before I can look back up you push me backwards onto the floor.
Shocked, but ready, I start to pull my hand from between my legs. "No," you say sharply. "Are you wet?"
I shake my head. You stare at me until I meet your eyes. Your eyes are dark and I nod.
I relax on the floor and move my legs further apart. Then, sliding my index finger between the lips of my pussy I feel a few drops of moisture begin to gather. I press my finger harder against my body. With my other hand, I press a fingertip against my clit, the dryness scratching a little.
Your hands are on my breasts, massaging them through the thin material of my tanktop. The nipples harden and shrink, like little buds pressing against the material. You hands are warm on my skin as they slide the straps off my shoulders. My shirt meets my skirt in the middle of my body. I am naked to you, still wearing all of my clothing.
I watch as your index finger and thumb grab a nipple and pinch. I moan and twist. I push a finger inside of myself, as I am well lubricated. I tell you so in whispered gasps.
You pull my nipples away from my body. They stretch further then I think possible. And when the pain is exquisite and I am ready to lift myself up off the floor, the nipples slide from your fingers. You repeat the sequence again. First pinching and rolling them between your fingers and then pulling them.
I am moaning. The pain coursing to my pussy. I am dripping from it. I shove two more fingers inside of myself, thrusting them quickly in and out.
My back arches and my body tenses. I let out a scream. The waves of orgasm overcome me. My body convulses from the inside, I can feel it around my fingers still pushed inside my pussy.
I lay on the floor shuddering, suddenly feeling cold. You have removed your hands from me, but are still near. I lift my trembling hands and place my fingers on your lips. I wet your lips with my juices.
You relax backwards against the sofa, watching me. You take a drink from the bottle. When you remove it from you mouth you stare at it for a few moments.
I edge myself up to get another drink and try to figure out what you are planning. There is a smile on your face that worries me. You push me back down and kneel before me. The bottle is between your knees as you forward and put your hands on my knees. You push my legs apart and edge yourself between them to keep them where you place them.
You pick the bottle back up and swirl the liquid inside. I gasp and my body locks up. I want to move away and beg you not to follow through. But I know these actions are pointless, you are going to do it anyway. I want whatever you are going to do to me, the pain and the pleasure.
I watch your face as you drink from the bottle again. You are nearly laughing at me. Instead of running away, as my body tells me I should, I open my legs wider.
I try to relax, staring at the ceiling, focusing on a spot there. The opening of the bottle is cold against my vulva. I tense for a moment. Then you press it slowly inside of me. My body tenses reflexively. I focus on that spot harder and relax again.
You press the bottle deeper. I gasp as the cold glass stretches me. The bottle is quickly warmed by my body and it's fluids. I being to moan as I stretch around the neck.
I start to move my hips, fucking the bottle. You thrust it slightly in and out. You push it deep and then remove it. You take a drink from the bottle. I sit up, hoping for some of the liquid. My mouth is dry from my earlier orgasm. I put on my best begging look as I stare at you.
You press the bottle to my lips and tip it upward. I gulp down the warm liquid, coughing as it burns my throat. A little dribbles down my chin and drips onto my chest. You pull the bottle away and your hand on my chest pushes me downward again.
I lick my lips and taste myself there. I am panting as I move my legs apart. You waste no time pushing the bottle inside of me again. It is hard and unmoving, forcing my body to adjust to it. You use it to fuck me again.
I am begging for more, but you remove the bottle for another drink. "Please fuck me."
You raise your eyebrows.
"Fuck me with the bottle. Fuck me hard."
You smile and drop the bottle between my legs. You push it inside me, this time thrusting it deep in me. You use it to me fuck me, until I am shaking and moaning. I am lifting my hips to meet your thrusts.
You pull the bottle out and press it to my lips. I shake my head, refusing to drink. I am frustrated. I was very close to coming.
You tilt the bottle upward. I open my mouth, trying to catch the wine. I am too late and spills over me. You laugh and take another drink. Your laugh is teasing and makes me swat out at you.
I push myself to sitting and reach for the bottle. I wrap my fingers around it, but you refuse to let go. I continue to pull until you wink at me and let go. I tilt the bottle up, aiming it toward my mouth, but find it is empty and not very enticing.
I feel dizzy, so with a tight grip on the bottle I lay back down. I look up at you, wondering what I should do next and find that you are standing up. You have removed your shirt and are now undoing your belt.
I think about standing but realize I am far too drunk to manage. Instead I press my fingers against my breasts. I massage lightly, feeling the nipples harden.
Your legs press on the inside of mine. You are kneeling between my legs. Your erection is pointing straight towards me. I lift my hips, trying to get my pussy near your cock.
Your fingers grip my nipples with a pinch. You roll them between your fingers roughly. I start to moan and move impotently, begging silently.
I open my eyes and find you are smiling at me while creating a slow torture.
"Please fuck me?" My voice is hoarse and quiet. "What?"
"Fuck me?" It is a question.
"Come on say it." Your voice is loud and commanding.
"Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Fuck me hard. And deep. And fast. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me." My voice grows louder with each word.
I mumble frustrations to myself, my hips still thrusting toward you.
You adjust yourself so your cock is rubbing against my pussy lips. It teases me for a while, as I grow more frustrated. I try hard not to voice my frustrations, but I cannot help begging silently.
Then you suddenly shove your cock inside of me. And I realize you are as impatient as me, but teasing me and making me beg is often more important than the pleasure of sex. Besides for you, the pleasure will always come. I always want to make you come.
I am moaning. My hands and nails claw at the rug under me.
"You are thrusting deep and hard. But your movements are controlled. "Fuck me faster. Harder. I want to feel you come." I lift my legs and wrap them around you.
I feel your control start to break. You thrust deeper and faster. My back is starting to move against the rug, scraping my skin. Your body presses against mine and I feel the air being squeezed out of my lungs.
I come first, yelling my pleasure. My body becomes limp and I relax downward. I watch you as you fuck me, enjoying the sensations and view. Even the feeling as my back scratches against the rug, I know that I will have a burn there and it will remind me for a week about fucking a wine bottle.
I am a little relieved when I feel your body tense. I feel you shaking a little as you come inside of me. And then you let your body fall beside me. I gasp for air, my body returning to homeostasis. I feel better as I can breathe deeply again. My back aches as I turn over. But I feel like something is missing. I feel like something is missing inside of me.