Monday, October 08, 2012

Post-50 Shades world

I am trying to get back to writing the Slave story. It's difficult in a post-50 Shades of Gray world to write erotica/BDSM with a slightly older dominant male and a younger submissive female who is new to the BDSM.
I  have read FSOG. It was mediocre. Reminded me of an romance from the 70's where a young virgin was introduced to the pleasures of the flesh by an older male. The sex had it's moments, but was particularly interesting, it turned me on enough to go search out something that titillated me.
I thought Christian Grey was a poor dom. He knew Ana had no experience with sex or S&M and instead of introducing her slowly, he threw her in the deep end with no life jacket  On the first date, he gave her a non disclosure form to sign and then demanded that she sign a contract to be his submissive, no getting to know each other, no testing the waters, no introduction to the lifestyle
Of course, since then I've read the author, E.L. James, knows nothing about BDSM. (Not that I'm an expert). There is suggestions that the author considers anyone into S&M mentally ill. And that the goal of the novel was to fix Mr. Grey from his 50 shades of fucked-upness by curing him of his need to beat women. Excepting that's not what S&M is about.
Anyway, I"m struggling with writing Slave and Master D and Lila (whose name is subject to change, because  Lila factors heavily into Chantal's story- and Chantal, it turns out, is not Slave. Chantal is far too experienced, far too cynical and worldly. Slave is naive and meek).
Ironically, while I've been away from this blog, I have been writing romances that have continually less sex in them. My latest draft has one scene that could be skipped all together.
Anyway, I am hoping to get back into writing smut. New works coming very soon I hope.