Monday, November 19, 2007

Over the tub

I forgot what I had been doing on my knees in the bathroom. The shadow looming over me made me forget. I arched my back and looked upward.

"Take off your panties and put your hands on the side of the tub."

Frowning, I started pulling my skirt up and removing my thong from under my skirt. My body reacting to the tone of voice with desire, wetness.

I put my hands on the tub spread apart, ready to brace myself.

Warm body bent down behind me. Fingers sliding along my inner thigh, upward, probing the damp folds. Rubbing, testing.

Then they withdrew. Replaced by a hard cock. Suddenly, pushed inside me. I gasp.

Thrusting, slowly at first. My moans and restless movements filling the small room.

Hands moving around my body. Grabbing my chest, pinching my nipples lightly through the thin material of my shirt.

I put my weight to one hand, unsnapping my bra quickly and pulling my shirt up, revealing my breasts.

Harder, faster thrusts. I spread my hands further apart, my body bending closer to the tub.

Hands grip my breasts, pulling hard on the nipples.

A sudden moan from behind, body stiffening and slowing thrusts.

An even more sudden retreat.

I'm left holding the tub, panting and dripping.

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