Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maybe if I'm good ....

He was standing by the wall one moment laughing. The next he had reached out and grabbed me and pressed me against the same spot. It was still warm from where he had touched. Perhaps I just imagined that part.

His lips were rough and demanding over mine. His body formed a cage around me. His hands by my shoulders. His hips pressing into mine. His stance widened, his legs framed mine.

As if he would stop me if I moved. As if I would try to get away from his kiss, as rough as it was.

I wouldn't dare pull away. He knew it as well as I. He held me for a different reason, I realized as his hands slide down my body and lifted my short skirt. I might have protested but his tongue swirling in my mouth left me distracted.

My panties went down my legs. He let them drop to the ground. And then the kiss slowed. His body removed. I lifted my hand and wiped my mouth with my fingers. My gaze softened and I could barely focus on him as he grinned at me.

I bent, trying to be ladylike, and pulled the elastic lace around my shoes. Standing, I held them on one finger, an offering. "You wanted them," I said, when he didn't move. His eyes crinkled in the corners as he grinned at me. I watched his arm raise, his fingers spread then collapse around the thin material. My eyes refocused by the time he was stuffing it into his pocket.

Wrapping his arm around me, he turned us toward the pathway through the park. I wondered if anyone had stopped to watch the show we'd been putting on, but no one seemed to be staring. "Where to?" I asked.

"I thought we'd find some place where I could fuck you."

Well then.

We walked on. He dropped his hand from my shoulder to my waist, caressing the bare skin that showed with each sway of my hips.

Over a small bridge and then down beside it. He pushed me against one of the cement pillars. It was cold on my bare skin. I shivered from the anticipation.

Then I recalled that we were in public. I looked frantically as far left and right as I could. There wasn't much to be seen, a few feet of walking paths which were fairly empty. But, I was certain someone would see us. I wanted to protest and opened my mouth to do so.

Only to be cut off with another rough kiss. He pulled away and placed a finger against my lips. "Don't even think about arguing." With one hand he pressed it between my thighs. I was dripping wet. "Slut," he added as an afterthought. "Say one word and I won't touch you here again today." He pressed his finger deep inside my body and then pulled it out slowly.

I nodded. He smiled and kissed me softly this time. His fingers started pulling up my skirt. I closed my eyes and rested against the cement pillar. I heard his belt buckle clatter and the soft thud of his pants falling. "Up on your toes," he murmured into my ear as he pressed his body back into mine. I stretched as high as I could and he bent his legs a little. I bit my lip to keep from moaning. His hand between my legs guided his hard cock. And then my pussy was full of him.

"So wet little slut," he muttered and then began fucking me in earnest. I opened my eyes and looked around. The sensations of the cool cement and his hot skin against mine, and the excitement of fucking in secret began to work it's magic on my pussy. And then it was over.

My body was left cold by his absence, but still humming with unfulfilled promises. I let go of my lip and pulled my skirt down watching him refasten his pants.

Maybe if I was a good girl I'd get an orgasm later, I decided with a sigh as I followed him back to the path.

Author's note: I can see that it is the situation that turns me on more than the actual sex. Once there's penetration I lose interest.