Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Can't Run FroomLove expert

Do you want to know what I see?”
He met her eyes in the mirror. She pressed her lips together.
I see beauty and kindness. I see a woman with great compassion and lots of love to give if she let herself.”
She opened her mouth, but he continued, “I see a woman I would like to get to know. I see an extremely desirable woman. I've spent considerable about of time wondering what kind of noises you make when you come.”
Her nipples strained against her tank top. He skimmed his hands up her sides and covered her breasts. He squeezed the gently. Not quite a handful. When he teased her nipples with his thumb and forefinger, she closed her eyes and a small groan escaped her throat.
He rolled them between his fingers until he couldn’t take anymore. He had to touch her. He slipped his hand into the waistband of her sweatpants. It wouldn’t take any stimulation to make him come, just the discovery that she wasn’t wearing any panties.
Do you always go without underwear?” he asked, his fingers brushing her soft outer lips.
Not in a short skirt. That’s why I favor the long flowing ones.” A smile played on her lips. He kissed her shoulder.
He found her wet with desire and felt a surge of pride. She was turned on by him. His cock strained against his pants. He let himself rub against her back a little.
Do you feel what you do to me?”
She nodded. He brushed over her clit with his finger, back and forth, rhythmically.
She shivered. “I can’t, Darren. It’s too much.” She looked at him in the mirror, her face in a panic.
He pressed his finger gently against her. “How long since someone touched you like this?”
She relaxed a little. “Three years.” Her hips rocked, and she shuddered.
I don’t know what happened three years ago, but you’ll tell me when you’re ready. For now, I’ll hold you while I make you come. You’ll be okay.” He kissed her shoulder again. “Trust me.”
She nodded and dropped her head. He’d taken her far enough into desire for her body’s need to take over. He smiled and slipped a finger into her. He pistoned his finger in and out of her slowly while rubbing her clit with his thumb.
Oh hell,” she groaned. He barely started, and she was coming. He watched her face contort with pleasure. Her knees started to buckle. When she collapsed, he quickly pulled out of her pants to grab around her waist.
She twisted in his arms and grabbed him. He held her while she shuddered one last time.
That was beautiful.” He picked her up and pressed his lips softly to the top of her head. His breath came out in puffs against her chest.

 Homeless. Not what Liz expected upon returning from her summer job, but now she doesn't have a job, a place to sleep or a way to return to school. Until her only friend, Tonya tells her about single dad Darren, looking for a live in nanny. Can she work closely with dad and daughter and still keep her secrets to herself? 

When Darren's ex-wife is sent to rehab, he finds himself in need of someone to help him care for his daughter, Claire, full time. When Liz shows up on his door step with dreadlocks and a long skirt, she isn't who he had in mind for the job. Claire thinks Liz is perfect. He quickly finds out first impressions are not to be believed, but Liz is keeping secrets. Can he figure them out before she runs away?
Can't Run From Love is a romance by Asrai Devin. The e-book is avaible on and Smashwords for 99 cents for a limited time