Sunday, April 06, 2008

Part 3

Part One
Part Two

There was another pause. Slave mulled that the man was trying to break her mind.

She didn't have time to linger on this idea as a leather paddle tapped her exposed pussy lightly. IT was rubbed on her thigh. Lila said, "Say it Slave. Tell him what he wants to hear."

Let me go. Take off my blindfold. Give me back to Master. "I want you to paddle my pussy. My bare open pussy."

She was rewarded for the answer with a few quick slaps between her legs. She felt her skin start to hum. "Beg," Lila said. "Tell him why."

Slave took a deep breath. "I'm a pain slut. I want to please you. I want to show how good I am for you. Please, please, please, Sir," was that too many pleases, "Sir, I desire that pain. I want you to whip me til I beg for mercy."

He spread her pussy lips exposing her clit. The flat paddle came down hard. Slave cried out, her body jerking under the strain.

A few slaps, light taps, as if he were thinking. "Lila, skirt off. Slave is going to please us both."

Lila's legs were pressed into the bed on either side of Slave's head. Her pussy was nearly dripping on Slave, who could smell it. "We'll go until you bring dear Lila to orgasm."

Slave licked at Lila tentatively at first. The paddle slapped repeatedly building in intensity. Like a horse being whipped, the sensation spurred Slave on. She frantically lapped at Lila's clit. Slave wrapped her arms around Lila's legs, pulling her close.

Slave's screams were muffled and short. Determined to bring Lila to orgasm quickly. The paddling stopped momentarily. It was replaced with the gloved hand. Her pussy was again spread open. It was like an electric shock going through her body when he slapped her. She shook and jerked and whimpered and moaned. After the shock passed, she renewed her efforts on Lila.

He spanked her open pussy until she could nothing but scream. He let it fall closed, but continued spanking. With his free hand he stroked a finger into her dripping hole.

Lila's moans grew louder. Slave sucked, drinking up the juices. Suddenly, Lila gave a familiar shout as her body shook with orgasm. Lila's body slipped to the side. Sir kept thrusting a finger into her slick folds. The glove felt like invasion, but still it drove her wild. She lifted her hips in offering, spreading her thighs further.

She burst when he kept stroking slowly. "Please, Sir. Make me come. Fuck me. Take me. I really need to come. I want to come on your cock. Pound me." Her head fell to the side as her words floated away from her.

His finger removed. "You said you would beg me to stop whipping you."

She didn't counter with her own words, instead biting her bottom lip. She nodded. He slapped her with his bare palm- one, two, three. Then he pressed his finger against her clit, twisting. And then back to the slapping. Her body was pushed to the edge quickly, if he continued she was going to come. And she cried out, "Please stop. I'm going to come. And I can't take the pain anymore. It's just- oh god," she whimpered, her body tense and she was nearly sobbing.

There was light murmuring and then rustling clothes. And then his weight on the bed braced over her, his body barely brushing hers. His hand was between them, guiding his cock into her waiting pussy. He thrust into her, slowly, as her body hugged him, muscles tensing around him pulling him deeper.

He thrust in and out, hard and fast. as per her begging. She kept murmuring encouragement to him. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

And then there was an explosion of color behind her eyes as she came. Her legs wrapped wantonly around him. All the stings were soothed, all the pain was vindicated as she came. And she was nearly oblivious to her blindfold, his weight and his cock still pounding into her. She felt at peace for a moment.

And then above her, he groaned and shuddered. His body tense as he came inside her. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close as he fell on top of her.

He rolled away quickly, his groans reaching her ears. She perked. He sounded like, but it couldn't be, his voice. His feel, his demeanor. She put her hands up and rubbed at her blindfold.

"Now?" Lila asked.

"Yes," came the reply, resigned, tense, anxious.

His weight left the bed. "Sit up," Lila said, tense. Slave sat up quickly, as Lila undid the knots at the back of the blindfold.

The light in the room was low, mainly candles and Slave winced, acclimating to it all. As if waking up from sleep she stretched, and realized she was naked and still wearing heels. She looked around the room, to lay eyes on the stranger or not, the man, who had stretched her limits.

That rat bastard, she thought. Master grinned at her, from where he was sitting in his chair. "You made me proud Slave. I enjoyed watching you react to a stranger just the way I'd trained you." He watched her as she stared at him, disbelievingly. "Nothing to say?" he asked, finally.

She shook her head. "You didn't' sound like you, really." She reached down and took of her shoes. She stood and walked to him, as if not believing he was real. "I don't know what to think."

He pulled her into his lap. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"I don't know."

Friday, April 04, 2008

Part 2

Slave stretched out on the wide, familiar bed. The sheets were fresh, she'd changed them earlier in the day.

Hands fell on her body, arranging her. She focused on her breathing. Her legs spread, arms tucked to her sides. Voices murmured, quieter than her own breaking, quieter than the sting of her skin.

Silence assaulted her again. No new sensations touched her skin. She held still, against all desire to grope for what was coming to her next. Her body was tense and she forced herself to breath slowly, lest panic take her over.

The soft feel of the many tails of a flogger brushed her breasts, down her stomach and between her open legs. She tenses and twitched as the tails caressed her skin softly. She knew the bite they could wield all too well. And she wasn't sure it was welcome.

The biting blows didn't fall between her legs as she almost suspected. He snapped two strikes quickly, one on each breast. Slave clenched her teeth, her breathe coming like a whimper of pain.

She felt his breath on her face. "You will remain still. Do you understand?"

She nodded, the biting question came again, "Do you understand?" His gloved hand squeezed her breast tightly. "Yes," she squeaked, her back arching slightly. "Yes sir. Remain still."

"Good girl," he murmured, before kissing her swiftly. He bit her bottom lip and then pulled away.

There was a small pause. Slave felt confused for a moment. And then the flogger came down on her again and again, until she was shuddering with the need to move from the pain.

"You have incredible stamina," the hoarse voice said. "You have one minute reprise."

Slave moaned as she stroked her breasts with her hands, trying to soothe her skin. She imagined the lines of red that graced her body. He had the control of her Master. Not one stroke was misplaced on her body. "Are you tired?" he asked, softly.

She shook her head. "Stretched thin. But fine. Not tired."

"All right. A real pain slut, is it?"

"Yes, Sir." Slave strained for sensory input. She longed to beg for the removal of her blindfold. But, that could gain more deprivation. Or punishment.

Slave lay panting. Her ass still stinging vaguely, a mere annoyance in comparison to the pain of her red striped breasts. Not just the sting, but her arousal. Her body was taut, like a string pulled so tight it would break with the slightest touch.

There was a way to find release. But, she shuddered at the thought. She would not beg for release from this- HIM. It was unthinkable.

She jumped as she felt the velvety end of the whip press against her clit. She whimpered as he rubbed it against her. Her body arched up to meet his torture.

And just as suddenly, the pleasure was removed and he slapped her across the cheek. Slave felt the surprise register in the back of her mind, as she absently rubbed her face. But she was more upset that her chance for orgasm had been lost. "I told you would beg for pleasure," he reminded her.