Friday, October 26, 2007

The dangers of blogging

It was a little creepy when he first asked me where I lived in an email. I started vague and finally ended with the city, after all I wasn't using my REAL name online. Then I was freaked out when he said he lived about an hour away and could we meet for a drink. I was concerned for days, unable to write.

Finally, I agreed one drink, I named the bar- one across town, far from my apartment.

On the night, I dressed with shaking hands. Was this a good idea after all? I decided to dress casual- a skirt that was just above my knees, the boots came just below. Not too much skin showing, I thought as I looked in the full length mirror, twisting my hips so I could watch the material swish. A cream coloured shirt that hugged my curves. A little make up- highlighting my eyes and lips. A little on my cheeks.

The door bell rang as I fixed a red flower into my hair, the way he would be able to pick me out. My friends, who were coming with me, following really, to make sure he wasn't a total creep. They would keep their distance and watch to make sure I was safe.

They were dressed up- like me, ready for a girls night out. I shared a hug and kiss with each of them. We decided to take seperate cars, they would follow me there and home. But, I wanted to have my own in case something really would come of the flirting I had been doing in email with my mystery date.

At the bar, they went in first, ten minutes before I was due to arrive. I sat in my car, looking at my cell phone. It beeped "No creeps so far" the screen flashed. I laughed and touched up my lipstick. I tucked my purse under my arm and entered the bar.

I sat down at the bar and ordered a beer. While I waited for it to come, I turned around and searched the bar. "Meeting someone?" the bartender asked, as she slide the beer to me. "Five."

"Yeah. Mystery date." I smiled and pulled some cash out of my wallet.

"Over there in the corner. Guy said he was looking for a girl with a red flower."

"Thank you." I got my change and took my beer to where the bartender pointed.

"Waiting for me?" I asked, him with a slow smile. I had been hoping he wouldn't be too geeky, too young or too hairy. He was neither. He looked to be near 30, clean shaven and fine as hell. He was wearing a simple black tshirt. He filled it out nicely with all his pectoral muscles, and bulging biceps. Well, y'know, not a hulk look-alike.

I shook my head to try to clear it, as a red lust haze took over me momentarily. "Sorry what was that?" Fuck I missed his reply. My face felt hot. Oh this was not going well.

"If you are purveyor of erotic stories that I enjoy then yes, I believe I am." He smiled, crinkling the corners of his brown eyes, which had been scrutinizing me.

His smile was welcoming and I sat down. "I believe I've written a story by that description once or twice." I held out my hand and introduced myself, my real name. I was shocked as I said it, but there it was.

He replied his name, shaking my hand. "Thank you for meeting me, I know it was a little weird. I hesitated asking. And I never thought you'd show up, or be quite so ... " his eyes ran up and down me, "hot." He didn't let go of my hand, just rested them on the table.

I laughed, nervously. "Thank you. And uh, well, honestly, likewise. I thought you'd be some geeky fanboy."

He laughed. "Oh, well I am a geeky fanboy. I'm a programmer, y'know."

"I didn't. Tell me about your job then, hot geek boy."

He smiled. We continued making small talk while we drank our first drink. I played with my beer bottle when I finished. I knew I was supposed to meet my friend's in the bathroom and let them know how it was going, but I kept getting lost in his eyes. And he was still holding my hand, only he'd moved to sit next to me.

I shivered as I looked up at him, his scent wafting around me. This was dangerous ground already. He knew my every fantasy, only did he know they were fantasies only? I frowned.

"Don't frown. I think, however, your friends are trying to get your attention. I think you missed meeting time."

I laughed. "How did you know?"

"I didn't think you would come here by yourself. And when I saw you come in after them, all dressed up, I knew you were together." He smiled and stood. He pulled me to my feet. "Go talk to your friends. Invite them over, do you want another beer?"

"Are you sure I should invite them?"

"Well, if they are going to check me out they should do so properly. See if I'm suitable."

His fingers brushed my chin and I leaned into him, wanting to run my hands over his chest and see if it felt as hard as it looked. I lowered my eyes to look at his beautiful mouth, suddenly wanting to kiss him. Hands on my shoulders, he turned me around. "Beer?"

"Sure, please," I said, absently, thinking more about rubbing my ass into his crotch.

He watched me approach my friends before he went to the bar. "That's him?" they all gasped.

"Yeah, and it's like ohmygod amazing. I just want to take him home. Is that bad? Anyway, come over and join us." I glanced to him at the bar. "He insisted."

Scrapping chairs followed and we all moved to the big booth in the corner. I sat at the edge, perched waiting for him to return. Oh, it was bad alright.

He bumped my shoulder with his hips. I moved over and he put my beer infront of me, unopened, and then his arm around me, pulling me against him.

An hour and a half later and three drinks later, my friends were antsy to go dancing. I had promised that it wouldn't take long. He had spent the last hour charming me and my friends, and teasing my ear and neck and lower body with carresses of his hand and lips. My nerves felt raw with desire.

Fuck it. "Where are you staying tonight?" I asked. My freinds were gathering there things up and he wasn't moving anywhere.

"A hotel." Our eyes met. Ask me, I said, demanded, my legs nudging against his.

"Come on, let's go," my friend said. He stood and hauled me out of the booth. I had to lean against him to keep from my knees going weak on me. Damn it. Ask me.

We went out the parking lot and my friends piled into their car. "We'll call you later," they said. "Go home."

"Right. I'll try." I nodded as they drove away. He had been standing away from me and suddenly he was beside me, his hands on my lower back. "I should go home."

"You should. Do you want to?"

I shook my head and turned to face him. "What are you doing?"

"Well, my plan was to watch a porn because ... never mind. Come to my hotel for another drink?" He wrapped his arm around me and pressed his hard crotch into my belly. Okay good, that was just as arousing for him as it was for me.

"Yes. I'll follow you, right. Or which hotel?"

"Yeah, I better follow you. You know where you are going." He gave me the hotel name and address. "Wait before we go." He pulled me up and kissed me. My lips parted instantly, my head tilting to give him full access.

He let me as suddenly as he pulled me up and I was shaking as I got in my car. The drive took far too long for my taste. I parked in visitor parking and nearly ran to the front entrance. Except I could run in the boots becuase of the heels.

Once we were together again, he pulled me over for a second kiss. My body was pressed to his from shoulder to thigh. His tongue swept into my mouth, driving me crazy and making me senseless. I pressed against him, my fingers pressed into his back, trying to get closer.

His hands ran down my back and grabbed my ass. He dug his fingers in, massaging it lightly, keeping me close. Not that I had any intention of getting away. I dragged my mouth away from his. "I think we should go upstairs. I don't want to get you kicked out."

"Right," he said, looking longingly at my lips. He brushed them again and then released me. He put his hands into his pockets and smiled sheepishly. "Who knew a beautiful mind could be packaged so nicely also."

I turn to walk into the hotel, so he doesn't see me roll my eyes. Enough with the lines. He takes my hand and we go the elevator. Tenth floor. I pull him infront of me and he pushes me against the wall. Pining me with his mouth, while his hips ground against mine. A slow torture. Which makes us nearly miss our floor.

I stand impatiently behind him, while he opens the door. Once in the room we are attached again. I start pulling his shirt up, trying to decide if I should touch him first or undress him. My hands decide to run over the ridges of his stomach and up to his chest, feeling the hardness that I first admired. My first and second fingers circled his nipples.

He stopped groping my ass and back long enough to remove his shirt. Then he started on mine. I stopped exploring to give him assistance, untangling my shirt from my body. I tugged at the fastener of his jeans as he pulled down the zipper of my skirt. I let the skirt fall to the floor, and stepped out, while he shoved down his jeans.

He ran his hands over my body from shoulders to thighs. Then he cupped my breasts inside my padded lace bra. "I have to ask you something." His voice was husky. His eyes searched mine.

"What?" Nervousness crept into my voice.

"Your writing. Have you really done those things you wrote about?" He reached around me and unclasped the bra. His hands ran down my shoulders pulling the straps off.

I shook my head. "I have done very few things that I've written about. But I have masturbated about them all."

He dropped the bra on the floor. His hands covered my breasts, the palms rubbing the already distended nubs. I moaned and shifted impatiently, rubbing my legs together where the heat was gathering. "You have quite the imagination," he muttered, lowering his head to flick his tongue over each nipple. He drew one into his mouth, making me arch and forget what we had been discussing.

I let my hands drift from my his shoulders, feeling his warm skin. I pressed one hand to the front of his boxers and felt his erection flex against me. I cupped my fingers over his penis and rubbed up and down, lightly, teasing him like he was teasing me.

He bit into my nipple lightly, making me cry out and drop my hand. He kept the pressure until I stilled and then bit harder still. My breath hissed through my teeth as he increased the pressure slowly. Then he released and soothed the skin with small flicks of his tongue. Oh, he was good. And he'd been reading closely. "Fuck," I muttered, arching my chest toward him. "More."

He looked up at me. "God, I'd love to feel your mouth around my cock. But, I really don't think I'll last that long." He stood over me again, his hands, worked their way under the elastic panties, his fingers rubbed the soft mound covered within. "The way you write, I bet your mouth is amazing."

His fingers slipped between the folds, finding me wet and hot. He propelled me back onto the bed. One hand still caressing me between my legs, the other pulling my panties down my legs. I spread my legs wide for him, laying back and closing my eyes. He pressed a finger to my clit, making little circles until I cried out and tried to sit up. He moved closer to me and put his free hand on my shoulder. "Stay down. And try to enjoy this." His eyes met mine with such insistence that I acquiesced.

He sank one finger into me, keeping his thumb pressed to my clitoris. I bit my bottom lip to keep myself from jumping off the bed, or closing my legs. I squeezed my eyes shut but he opposed that as well. "Open your eyes," he kissed each one softly. "I want to watch you come for me."

He sank a second finger into me, stretching me wider. His fingers slid in and out and I started to rock my hips to the rhythm. The pressure was about to kill me, when it exploded. My body shivered with orgasm, seemingly more intense by his gaze on my face. Finally, the waves stopped and I became still. He pulled his fingers out and fed them to me. I sucked greedily on his fingers covered in my scent.

He got up off the bed and I heard zippers and foil rustling. I moved up the bed to rest on the pillows, my legs spread open, waiting. He moved over me and sank into me without pretense.

I squeezed my inner muscles around him as he sank into me again and again. I arched up toward him, meeting his hips in the middle. My fingers on his shoulders. Our eyes locked.

I felt him stiffen as he came, buried deep inside me. He muttered a curse and thrust once more. He fell on top of me. His weight crushing me, I wrapped my arms around him. "Oh god, that was fucking hot."


Joy, shared said...

That was an incredibly intense, great read. Definitely a good way to start my Tuesday morning.

I'm glad I discovered your blog. Now, I've got to go read more of it.

Busty Gal said...

Made me think of the computer programmers that I know in a new, hot light.

Keshi said...

came here after Jim recommended what was the DANGER?


Dirty Girl said...

Having your fantasies known and experienced? Really I'm just crap with titles.

There was an alternate ending where the guy turned out to be married.

And as for the computer programmers. I really have a thing for geeks and the like so this fit perfectly.
I amended this story for my NaNoWriMo project this year. I think that answers it all.