Sunday, September 21, 2014

Chapter 2-- Justin

Justin closed his eyes and said a short prayer that his wife would be awake when he opened their bedroom door.

He turned the knob and pushed open the door. The night light she'd stuck in a socket to aid her in nighttime feedings illuminated her sleeping face.

He leaned over the bed with a deep sigh. He kissed her cheek and she stirred a little. He considered trying to wake her gently and seductively. Until he realized his youngest son was still latched on her breast.

The poor guy was going through teething and some sort of sleep regression that Justin was fairly certain was mean to test his endurance. Or make him insane.

As he went downstairs he wondered if he could be driven crazy by lack of sex. He peered in the fridge, but decided it was too late for a beer. What he needed was to get laid. Since he was married to sleeping beauty the last few months, he'd settle for what he always did: porn.

He tried not to get upset with his wife's lack of sex drive. He found it difficult not to. Until their fourth child had been born, they had an amazing sex life. Despite being together for ten years, since they were fifteen, he loved her as much as he did when he first asked her out.

He had been hesitant to have a fourth, but she wanted one more baby. And he had trouble saying no.

Which was how his sister in law, Vana, came to live with him as well. Only in part, he also wanted to send a big fuck you to his mother-in-law. The bitch hated Justin the moment he came up to the house. And when Cassie got pregnant just before graduation, Mona kicked Cassie out. Thankfully, Justin's parents took Cassie in and supported them both while he attended school and worked part-time.

Now he had a cushy job in the IT department, he'd make manager in a couple years. He'd bought a house for Cassie and the kids, with a backyard to play in.

He walked through the darkened house, letting what light came from Cassie's night lights or the street lamps outside guide him. He put in a DVD from his secret stash. He kicked off his jeans and settled into the recliner. With his feet up and his hand on his cock, partially hard from anticipation, he watched two women on the screen coo over the male star and beg to suck his cock.

Two women, he thought. Vana and Cassie, he imagined. Vana did look a fair amount like Cassie, except with blonde hair, to Cassie's black. That was explained by their different fathers.

He imagined Cassie and Vana at his feet, offering to pleasure him. It was a naughty fantasy, but he could hardly ignore that Vana was nineteen now. Long legs, pale skin, and a rack that rivaled Cassie's. Although Cassie's were bloated by breastmilk. With the older three, her breasts had never been off limits. For some reason, with Brody, she hated having them touched.

He shook his head. He had to stop thinking and start fantasizing, otherwise he'd never have his orgasm.

Vana's lips around his cock, Cassie licking his balls. That sort of thing he could get into.

The women on the screen stopped sucking the guy's dick. The guy pushed one of the women on the sofa and plow into her cunt.

Justin pulled out his dick out of his briefs and stroked it.

He'd have to imagine fucking Cassie, even fantasizing about screwing around turned him off. Unlike the guy on the porno who had no qualms going back and forth every few thrusts.

Justin shuddered and came into his hand. He leaned back and wiped his hand on his boxers, cursing his lack of foresight to grab a towel.

He stopped the movie and got up. He needed to wash up before he crawled in next to Cassie.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Savanna Chapter 1

Savana Greenwood paced the length of her sister’s kitchen while she talked with her mother. Cassie stood at the stove stirring, moving back to the counter, doing some prep and cleanup. “You kicked me out almost four years ago.” Same as she did Cassie, though the circumstances were widely varied. “I’m going to college here, my GPA was three point six this semester, and I worked part-time. I am doing fine.”
Better than fine, but she didn't need to rub her mother’s face in it. “I just want you to reconsider. Things have changed here.”
Sure, like her mom needed her to help pay the bills. “Cassie needs me here to help her with the kids.” All four of them. Seven, five, two and seven months. Clearly, Cassie was insane or her husband was really great in bed.
Vana leaned on the counter overlooking the living room. Justin was sitting on the floor entertaining the two boys with cars while holding a baby over one shoulder and a doll laying across his lap. And after he'd worked a full day. And he looked gorgeous while he did it all.
Vana developed a crush on him the day Cassie brought him home. He was a bad boy back then. Leather jacket and long hair. He wasn't old enough to actually ride a motorcycle.
Somewhere between his youth and the present, he'd straightened up, got a full scholarship to go to college, and got a good job.
He looked up at caught her eye. He shrugged a little when she smiled at him, then he pulled his eyes back to the children.
His eyes had remained the same sharp blue. And his lips. He had a great mouth. She could imagine that he was a great kisser and probably great at other forms of pleasure with that mouth. Her sister certainly seemed to enjoy him. They had four kids.
“What?” She hadn’t heard a word her mother said as she ogled Justin.
“I said, Cassie doesn't need you.”
“Well I need her. Mom, listen, I am nineteen. I have a life here, I have friends and school and work. I will come visit you when Cassie does. And I do still love you. I forgave you for kicking me out long ago. I have to go because I abandoned Justin with all four kids.”
“Have Cassie call me.”
“Yes. Good-bye Mom. Have a good evening. I love you.”
She did love her mom, but she had surpassed her maturity level at twelve. Her mother still couldn't manage her money and wanted someone to bail her out. Well not Savana Greenwood. She had to support the people who did support her, Cassie and Justin.
She hung up the phone and swooped into the living room and took baby Brody from Justin’s arms. She bounced him on her shoulder and nodded to his grateful “Thank you.”
She returned to the kitchen. “Mom says call her. And I’m not moving in with her. In case you were worried.”
“I'm not. And if you wanted to, I wouldn't stop you. But I know you aren't that dumb.”
“I owe you guys my life. If you hadn't let me move in, I probably would have ended up a crack ho prostitute under the bridge.”
“Someone saved me once, I had to pass it on. Besides, you have been a big help with the kids.”
“What’s the problem this time anyway?”
“That guy, whoever was there now, he split and she can’t live on her own. She can't pay her damned bills, I know it. She didn't say it.”
Cassie sighed. “Great, she wants me to phone so she can ask to borrow some money.”
Brody let out a scream. “Here you go feed this one, I'll finish supper and set the table.”
Cassie took the baby. “You are a lifesaver.”
“Ah, just paying my way Sis.”
She watched through the pass through to the living room, as Cassie sat on the sofa and lifted her shirt. Parasites, she thought, children were part parasite. Latched on, feeding from another being. And not only physically, they sucked at you emotionally.
So, that cleared it up, she wouldn't have children. She glanced to Justin, who looked slightly pained. She needed stop looking at him, otherwise that old crush would rear it’s head. She need to go to the bar and get picked up and get laid. She worked so hard the last semester she hadn’t dated or even had sex. Next week the last of her exams would be over, all essays handed in and her semester would be over. An easy summer of working at Justin’s company would leave her plenty of time for boys. Or men.

I'm considering making this a full length fiction. If you'd like to read more please leave a comment here or on my Twitter. I am not set on the name Vana, I'm thinking of changing to Hailey or Ashley. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tonya Foster's brother Corey has offered her the chance to do anything she wants. If she can figure out what that is.

Chris Boyd is temporarily sharing Corey's basement with Tonya. He's trying to make a good impression by keeping himself out of trouble. But Tonya offers an attractive distraction from his boredom.

Chris offers Tonya a distraction from her dilemma. Chris Boyd, a temporary resident, offers distraction from her dilemma. She accepts his company, knowing that his attention is like his presence, temporary.

When Tony finds herself pregnant, Chris offers to support her. She's certain he feels trapped and his mother is certain Tonya's after his money. Chris knows he wants Tony for the rest of his life. Can he convince her that his intentions are serious and sincere?
You can buy Unexpected Romance in a couple places right now. I'll update as the rest become available

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kissing drabble

I come up from behind. Wrap my arms around you. Nuzzle your shoulder. Sink my teeth into the soft skin at the back of your neck.

You turn in your chair. I wonder how you look so incredibly sexy in your worn sweatshirt.

Your lips are soft. Sweet.

You pull me onto your lap.

I seek the depths of your mouth with my tongue.

Your fingers cradle my head, tilting me sideways and backwards. Controlling.

I arch toward you. My body aching for your touch. All I get your is continuous invasion of my mouth.

If you won't touch me, I'll touch you.

I run my palms down your face, neck, shoulders. Smoothing your shirt over your chest and stomach.

I love this shirt. Worn until it was soft and ragged around the edges. I play with the band at the bottom, working up the courage to slide underneath.

You our mouths apart. You pull my head to your shoulder. My tongue darts out to nip the tender spot at the crux of your neck and shoulder. You tug my hair. A warning.

"With a kiss like that, I thought you'd rip my clothes off and have me on the floor."

You stand, lifting me. "You wish you could be that lucky. A kiss like that is a promise to take my time with you."

I shiver with anticipation.

i used to clean an office and this one hot guy would come in all the time. and he'd wear those soft, worn sweatshirts. and i had a lot of time to daydream ... i'd probably stalk him if i could find him. but alas he seems to be camera shy. i'll have to stick with stalking Eddie Redmayne.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Justin's jealous ...

“Needed to wash the smell of sex off yourself before I smelled it?”
“I didn't fuck him.” She giggled. “It’s sad actually, don’t tell anyone. He hasn't touched any of the women he’s been seen with.”
“He’s been playing you all. Which is amazing given how desperate he came off when we went back to his place.”
Justin stepped toward her and tilted his head.
She stepped back. “You might not want to kiss me. I did suck him off.”
His mouth turned down. “Oh.”
“He was so eager and sad, I couldn't leave him without something. But I told him it was a one time thing. Get over it, anyway. You and Cassie looked like things were going well.”
He scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, it did. It wasn't amazing, but it was solid. She even initiated.”
“So I'm the only one who hasn't had an orgasm tonight. I think I'll go upstairs and take care of that. Or wallow.”
Justin tugged at the spot her towel tucked together. “Or not.”
Doesn't Cassie think you're peeing?”
“She was asleep thirty seconds after her orgasm.”
Vana let the towel drop to the floor. She pressed herself against Justin, who was working on the ties for his robe. Once he had it loosened, he kissed her. He pinched her nipples and she sighed. Someone who knew how to touch her. “You like it rough?” he asked, pinching harder.
She nodded. “Yes, sir.”
He slapped her ass. “I think you should be punished for blowing my co-worker. Did you swallow like whore?”
She nodded and looked at the floor, playing the part of the chastised girl. He sat on the sofa and helped her lay over his knee.
“Five for the blow job, five for swallowing. And five on your pussy for liking it.”
She lifted her head. “I didn’t l—”
He slapped her. “Silence, slut. Take your punishment.” The five spanks on her ass, alternating cheeks, weren't bad. When he finished slapping her pussy, she was throbbing with pain and desire.
“Are you going to fuck me?” she said, when he sat her up.
“You don't deserve my dick. Besides, I'm spent from fucking your sister. I made you sore, now I’ll kiss it better.”
She laid back on the sofa, too exhausted to argue. Her entire pelvis turned and she wasn't sure his mouth would bring her any relief.
He put his mouth to her shiny pussy lips, soaked with desire. His tongue was rough and did nothing to soothe. It made her hurt more, until she writhed. “Please, just let me come. I’m going to burn up.”
“Tell me again.”
“I'm your slut, Justin. Yours. All yours.” Unless it would get her another spanking. Damn, she'd blow Nick everyday in the coffee room if it got her this treatment.
He sucked her clit into his mouth. He used his teeth, scraping slowly on the sensitive spot. Her legs tried to close on his head. He sat up and pushed her open. He slapped her exposed cunt. “Don't do that again, or I'll keep you on edge.”
“Until I go to bed,” she taunted. “You can't control me there.”
I'll tie your hands on to your bed. Don't fuck with me. You need to be still while you come in a second. I’m going to bite your clit. Then you can come.”
He sucked on it again and then he bit down hard. White pain shot through her and then, true to his word, she came. Hard. She gripped the sofa trying to keep still, while her head and chest thrashed around.
He held the painful pressure until she stopped convulsing. Now it just hurt and she wanted to rub it to soothe the ache.

He let go and stood up. He tied his robe around himself and threw the towel on her. “Clean yourself up and get some sleep.”

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dealing with the aftermath (not an erotic fiction post, this non-fiction)

I'm going to get serious for a bit. I've decided to start using this platform more frequently, in addition to writing erotic fiction, I'm going to also post some non-fiction stuff, some of it just about sex in general, and sometimes about darker things like sex after abuse. 

Which is where I'm going today. If you want more sex, try here

Part of my journey with being a survivor is my fantasies. 
I have dark fantasies. Control, abuse, rape, force, inappropriate age differences. Stuff that outside those moments, that are vile. 
I seek out these topics or create them in my head. And after I'm done with them, I feel incredibly guilty. 

I don't write a lot about cunnilingus, because I have a strong aversion to the act. It was forced upon me by an ex. I really didn't know how to say no. 

I love sex. I love writing about sex. I still have some things to work through.

That being said. I do have a spanking scene to write. I have to try to keep the characters in conflict, not just having a lot of sex. 

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Broken Billionaires looking for sexual gratificiation

I read Fifty Shades of Gray, two and a half books. Then my borrowing period ran out and the book was auto-returned and I didn't care enough to get back on the extensive waiting list.

Then a year later, Gideon Cross started showing up in my newsfeed and Pinterest.

Gideon Cross. The name sounds sexy. Doesn't it?

Gideon Cross is the 28 year old hero in Sylvia Day's Crossfire series. (Full disclosure: my grandmother was Sylvia and it's hard for me to disassociate the name). He's another young, broken billionaire who needs the right woman to fix him. His brokenness is only hinted at through the book. He's also slightly dominate, but not full out. Yet. He does force Ana Eva to admit she's submissive at heart.

Ah fuck it. ...  Dear Author has a better review than I can do.

The whole billionaire under 30 thing bothers me. As does the brokenness trope.

But what bugs me most is, I have been writing a similar book for several years. I write some, it doesn't come out right and I ditch it for a few months, and then it starts nagging me. The story Fucking is what inspired it, it's grown in my imagination.

The difference is that the hero in my story is neither broken nor super rich. The characters do work together, he's not quite her boss. But he's definitely dominant and she's submissive. Though in the last iteration of the story, his attempts at pressuring her to submit, came off as abusive. So I had to scrap it. I am just afraid that the market is flooded with BDSM books that are sub-par and I don't want to get cast into the same lot.

I'm hoping there is room for another BDSM book out there. :)