Monday, May 19, 2014

Justin's jealous ...

“Needed to wash the smell of sex off yourself before I smelled it?”
“I didn't fuck him.” She giggled. “It’s sad actually, don’t tell anyone. He hasn't touched any of the women he’s been seen with.”
“He’s been playing you all. Which is amazing given how desperate he came off when we went back to his place.”
Justin stepped toward her and tilted his head.
She stepped back. “You might not want to kiss me. I did suck him off.”
His mouth turned down. “Oh.”
“He was so eager and sad, I couldn't leave him without something. But I told him it was a one time thing. Get over it, anyway. You and Cassie looked like things were going well.”
He scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, it did. It wasn't amazing, but it was solid. She even initiated.”
“So I'm the only one who hasn't had an orgasm tonight. I think I'll go upstairs and take care of that. Or wallow.”
Justin tugged at the spot her towel tucked together. “Or not.”
Doesn't Cassie think you're peeing?”
“She was asleep thirty seconds after her orgasm.”
Vana let the towel drop to the floor. She pressed herself against Justin, who was working on the ties for his robe. Once he had it loosened, he kissed her. He pinched her nipples and she sighed. Someone who knew how to touch her. “You like it rough?” he asked, pinching harder.
She nodded. “Yes, sir.”
He slapped her ass. “I think you should be punished for blowing my co-worker. Did you swallow like whore?”
She nodded and looked at the floor, playing the part of the chastised girl. He sat on the sofa and helped her lay over his knee.
“Five for the blow job, five for swallowing. And five on your pussy for liking it.”
She lifted her head. “I didn’t l—”
He slapped her. “Silence, slut. Take your punishment.” The five spanks on her ass, alternating cheeks, weren't bad. When he finished slapping her pussy, she was throbbing with pain and desire.
“Are you going to fuck me?” she said, when he sat her up.
“You don't deserve my dick. Besides, I'm spent from fucking your sister. I made you sore, now I’ll kiss it better.”
She laid back on the sofa, too exhausted to argue. Her entire pelvis turned and she wasn't sure his mouth would bring her any relief.
He put his mouth to her shiny pussy lips, soaked with desire. His tongue was rough and did nothing to soothe. It made her hurt more, until she writhed. “Please, just let me come. I’m going to burn up.”
“Tell me again.”
“I'm your slut, Justin. Yours. All yours.” Unless it would get her another spanking. Damn, she'd blow Nick everyday in the coffee room if it got her this treatment.
He sucked her clit into his mouth. He used his teeth, scraping slowly on the sensitive spot. Her legs tried to close on his head. He sat up and pushed her open. He slapped her exposed cunt. “Don't do that again, or I'll keep you on edge.”
“Until I go to bed,” she taunted. “You can't control me there.”
I'll tie your hands on to your bed. Don't fuck with me. You need to be still while you come in a second. I’m going to bite your clit. Then you can come.”
He sucked on it again and then he bit down hard. White pain shot through her and then, true to his word, she came. Hard. She gripped the sofa trying to keep still, while her head and chest thrashed around.
He held the painful pressure until she stopped convulsing. Now it just hurt and she wanted to rub it to soothe the ache.

He let go and stood up. He tied his robe around himself and threw the towel on her. “Clean yourself up and get some sleep.”


Yingtai said...

“Five for the blow job, five for swallowing. And five on your pussy for liking it.”

... ooh!

Dirty Girl said...

Justin took over that scene completely. He's usually more submissive. almost done the whole story. if i can stop turning myself on.