Thursday, May 08, 2014

Broken Billionaires looking for sexual gratificiation

I read Fifty Shades of Gray, two and a half books. Then my borrowing period ran out and the book was auto-returned and I didn't care enough to get back on the extensive waiting list.

Then a year later, Gideon Cross started showing up in my newsfeed and Pinterest.

Gideon Cross. The name sounds sexy. Doesn't it?

Gideon Cross is the 28 year old hero in Sylvia Day's Crossfire series. (Full disclosure: my grandmother was Sylvia and it's hard for me to disassociate the name). He's another young, broken billionaire who needs the right woman to fix him. His brokenness is only hinted at through the book. He's also slightly dominate, but not full out. Yet. He does force Ana Eva to admit she's submissive at heart.

Ah fuck it. ...  Dear Author has a better review than I can do.

The whole billionaire under 30 thing bothers me. As does the brokenness trope.

But what bugs me most is, I have been writing a similar book for several years. I write some, it doesn't come out right and I ditch it for a few months, and then it starts nagging me. The story Fucking is what inspired it, it's grown in my imagination.

The difference is that the hero in my story is neither broken nor super rich. The characters do work together, he's not quite her boss. But he's definitely dominant and she's submissive. Though in the last iteration of the story, his attempts at pressuring her to submit, came off as abusive. So I had to scrap it. I am just afraid that the market is flooded with BDSM books that are sub-par and I don't want to get cast into the same lot.

I'm hoping there is room for another BDSM book out there. :)