Saturday, April 25, 2009

S.E.X- Part One

Inspired by S.E.X by Nickelback.

Trevor Walsh leaned back from his computer. He took off his glasses and used his free hand to rub his eyes. As he replaced them, he checked his watch. 9:30, his wife wouldn't be back from teaching her evening class for at least an hour.

He glanced out the window into the dusk settling over the average neighbourhood. His very hot blond neighbour was getting hot and heavy on her front porch. Good for her.

She pulled away from the kiss and opened her front door. Then she happened to glance up and caught him watching.

Before he could look away, she waved. He waved back, hoping he looked suitably embarrassed. She shrugged back at him. Then she waved again. This time it wasn't a hello wave. It was a wave to follow. Her final gesture was a mimic for watch.

Could she really be inviting him to watch? No real harm there. It was like watching porn, just slightly more real.

The other thing was, he pondered as he walked through the house, he wasn't sure he'd be able to see into her bedroom. He'd never really paid attention in the seven months since he'd moved into the house. It had been his wife's house for years and she wasn't willing to move.

He opened the blinds in the bedroom. Sure enough, he could see his neighbour and a dark-haired woman sharing some wine. For the life of him he couldn't recall her name. He stepped back into the shadows and sat on the bed, while he waited for his private peep show to begin.

Through the window, Trevor saw the women set their wine glasses aside. Hands on each other's shoulders, they kissed deeply.

It wasn't a sweet kiss, nor merely passionate. There was no romance between the women. It was a prelude to a good fuck.

The brunette's shirt came off. She was bare chested underneath. The blond plucked her nipples until he could see them standing. As Blondie bent her head to suck and lick, the brunette slid her hands into the first woman's shirt.

The blond removed her own shirt and they reversed roles. The brunette lapped at the breasts, while the blond simply teased with her hands. And turned to look at Trevor. She smiled knowingly at him.

He was finding his pants uncomfortably tight now and they women weren't even in each other's pants yet. He unzipped his pants to give himself some relief. But, he didn't release his cock. Not yet.

As he watched Blondie have her nipples sucked, he noticed her hand slid between her partner's legs through her jeans. Obviously frustrated, two sets of hands fumbled for the brunette's button and zipper. The brunette pushed her own pants down, the blond slipped her hands inside.

They fell onto the bed together. At least it looked like they fell. Trevor laughed out loud. He realized he was rubbing the bulge in his jeans. He shoved his hand inside the front of his pants and grabbed himself.

Across the divide both woman had removed their pants and underwear. They were kissing and hands were groping between legs. His mind filled in the details he couldn't see. Hands combing through trimmed pubic hair, parting sticky lips. Fingers that pressed against clits and delving into those warm, wet depths.

The blond moved her partner into a good spot for Trevor to view the crux of her legs. She winked at him over her shoulder then parked herself between the wide spread legs.

With two fingers, she parted the brunette's vulva. Trevor could almost smell the pussy, as his neighbour buried her face in it. He couldn't see what was going on now, so he focused on the receiver's face. And from the look of things, the blond was good at what she was doing.

Trevor stroked his cock slowly with a soft groan.

He could see the brunette shudder and call out as she came. The blond did not miss a beat as she started fingering her partner with two fingers. At least. He tried to move his head so he could see properly how many she was using.

"There you are," his wife, Claire said.

He turned to see her legs glinting in the light coming from the neighbour's bedroom. He hadn't even heard the front door.

He pulled his hand from his pants and moved to get up. "Hi honey."

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