Monday, April 06, 2009

Kip and Mandy Excerpt 1

As she went into Kip's bedroom, she felt her heart thud against her ribs. She took a deep breath and closed the door. She could hear the shower already on. She stared at the closed bathroom door for a few moments, trying to settle her nerves. Finally she stripped her clothes off and opened the door.

The room was steamy and she quickly shut it behind her. She ran her hand along the marble counter top, and then across the edge of the jacuzzi. The amount of money Kip had sunk in. It set her a little off balance. She forced those thoughts to the side, as she opened the shower door.

Kip yelped as he spun around. He wiped the water off his face. "Still open?" she asked, her voice pitched high.

He took her hand and pulled her into the spray of hot water. He kissed her then, as the water ran over his head, down her face. He moved so their bodies were pressed together.

Wordlessly, he soaped up his hands and started with her shoulders. By the time he was done, she had been washed all over by his hands. He shut off the water and climbed out. She just wordlessly followed his soundless demands. He dried her off and she closed her eyes, glorying in his hands on her body.

"Did you just come for the shower?" he asked.

She shook her head. "Do we have time?"

"Not to take the time to worship you like I should. But, it's been so long since I've had sex I'll go off the minute you touch me." She had already noticed his erection in the shower.

"Me too. I don't care. The first time, let's just. Not have expectations."

He kissed her and moved her backwards out of the bathroom. "You deserve better than what this is going to be." He picked up her up and placed her on the center of his bed. "You look like you belong there."

He descended upon her. His kisses heated and demanding. His fingers played on her skin, teasing her nipples, tracing circles on her areola. Then he replaced his fingers with his mouth. His fingers traveled down her body. He pressed open her legs. She whimpered in anticipation as her fingers drew restless circles on his chest, squeezed his shoulders.

She closed her eyes, unwilling to look at him while he caressed her so intimately. He combed his fingers through her dewy curls. He spread the tender lips, a finger pressed into her clit, rubbing it in quick circles.

She practically grabbed his cock, as it lay heavy between them on her thigh. She caressed him gently, rubbed him hard. Amazingly, he grew even harder with each stroke. At least it seemed that way to her. But, four years without sex might have caused her mind to play tricks on her.

He slipped one finger into her. "You feel so tight," he murmured into her ear. She didn't reply, she'd explain later. Maybe. It had been embarrassingly long for her. Instead, she let her legs fall open as she moaned.

He stroked her, stoking her further. She felt like she was about to explode when he stopped. His hand removed. She watched him through hazy eyes as he rolled over. She blinked as she saw him open a silver warper. Thank God he was thinking about protection, she realized as he covered himself.

He rolled her onto her back, pressing his weight into her. "Never doubt how sexy you are," he murmured, as guided his cock into her waiting body. He groaned low into her ear. "Good god, you are fucking tight."

She was. It hurt, so she pressed her eyes closed to hide it. As he started to thrust into her, he slipped a hand between their bodies, caressing that tiny hidden nub. The pain started to recede, and pleasure quickly took it's place. He pressed her higher and higher, rubbing faster and faster, thrusting harder into her. With one hand he lifted her hips upward, in response to the low moans she let out.

She felt herself explode. She opened her eyes in shock as the orgasm washed over her. "Holy mother of-." Kip stopped moving and lifted himself above her so he could see her.

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