Monday, March 03, 2008

Found Out

"What were you doing today?" You're standing at the bathroom door, leaning against the door jam, as I lounge in the tub.

I frown, trying to recall. You pull a hand from behind your back, holding my back massager. My face heats and I groan. "Well ..." There are no excuses, and I don't mean to make any, but inexplicably I am embarrassed.

"Come on. Up." A request, a demand. Your face is unreadable as you cross the small room, and take my arm to help me up. You drape a towel over my shoulders then take my arm, pulling me behind you.

Without a word you seat me, dripping and naked, in the computer chair. The massager is plugged in again. "Were you reading or writing?" A small smile is on your face. I don't know if it's concerning or not.

"Reading." Despite the cool air caressing my damp skin, I feel feverish. Embarrassed, aroused, anxious. My mind is also desperately trying to read your face, to figure out what you mean to do.

The towel drags over my skin as you pull it from my shoulders. Your fingers are warm coming under the rounds of my breasts, twirling and pinching each hardened nipple. I rub my legs together, stroking the fever. "Oh no." You lay the vibrator across my lap. "I want to know what you were reading, pet."

My hand trembles as I reach for the mouse. Your fingers playing my breasts in a steady rhythm. I want to fall into it, like a favorite piece of music. I'm distracted from my task. I shake my head, the damp ends of my hair brushing my skin, making me shiver.

I focus on the screen, force my mouse to bring up the web site I was at earlier, when I used the vibrator between my legs.

"There, this." I gesture to the screen.

"Put it between your legs." There is no mistaking the 'it'. Your voice is a low rumble in my ear, I know you are aroused even more than me.

I shove the towel between my legs to act as a buffer. Then I press the vibe turned to low on my covered pussy. The buzz fills the silence between our mingled panting.

"Read. Out loud. Tell me what part aroused you the most."

This part, I think. I bring my softened gaze to the screen, forcing my gaze to focus. I start reading slowly. My legs tense and relax, pressing the vibration tight then backing off, prolonging the pleasure. You stand behind me, still playing with my nipples in random tugs, pinches and rolls.

It doesn't take long for me to end up breathless. I wish I had masturbated to audio today. Then I could lay back and listen, it's difficult to concentrate when my body is trying to override everything else going on, just for a moan.

I recover from it, my focus back on the words. "And then, this part was really hot. I think I came here."

Your hand snakes down, grabbing the vibe from my hands and pressing it tight to my terry clothed pussy. I continue reading, but it all sends me over the edge.

My hips thrust upward, as my body explodes into orgasm. My body convulses and twists uncontrollably, trying to extract itself from your persistent playing.

My body slides down, collapsing in exhausted afterglow. I am limp with pleasure. I dumbly reach out with intent to turn off the vibrator, which has become an annoyance to me.

You push my hand away. "You're only half way done the story. I want to see you come again ..."

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JRM said...

Ooooh, very nice! Very very... I can't talk when I am aroused... dang!