Monday, February 04, 2008

Slave Scene

Part One of Three.

Slave stumbled again. She was blindfolded, her hands were tied together, her skirt was forcing her to keep her legs tight together and she was wearing boots with a four inch heel. She muttered a curse as her leash was tugged.

She could smell candles burning, and unfamiliar after shave. "Stop," Lila commanded. Slave stopped short. She threaded her fingers together and lowered her head.

"Lift your head," a thick voice commanded from across the room. Slave tried to figure out if she'd heard it before, it sounded a little familiar. She lifted her head, looking toward the voice. She wanted to scoff, but obviously Master had told this man the rules.

"Yes Sir," she said, if he knew the rules she'd best follow them.

"Good girl," he said. She could smell him near her. She could hear the soft rattle of chain as Lila handed it over. She heard them share a kiss. "Go sit, Lila," he said, experimentally tugging the chain. Slave stepped forward with one foot, staggering them so she wouldn't fall over.

She felt a gloved hand on her face, stroking her cheek. "Do you know why you are here?"

"Master wished it so." She drew her shoulders back, trying to breath.

"Why do you think you are here?" His gloved hand stroked down her neck and bare shoulder.

Her breath caught. Honest answers were still a little scary. "I think it's a test. I don't know if it's to see if I can please someone else, or if he doesn't think I can handle it."

"Mmm. I see." Slave could hear rustle of clothing, his hand withdrew from her skin. She longed to know what was going on beyond her. "Lila come help undress the slut. And then help her kneel." He dropped the chain and the cool strap brushed her body. She shivered.

Lila murmured to her while she undressed. "Shall I remove her boots?" Lila asked.

"Leave the boots. And the chain. And the ties around the hands." Slave felt better having been released from the tight bounds of the skirt. Her breasts swung free in front of her as Lila helped her to a kneeling position.

"Lila, go get me a glass of water." She heard Lila leave the room. His gloved hands caressed her breasts, she felt her desire quicken immediately. "Slut, before we are done you will beg for mercy and for pleasure. And I will enjoy watching it all."

Slave didn't know if she was supposed to answer or not. Between his covered fingers he twisted her nipples. A shiver of desire went through her. She dropped her head, feeling even more like a slut, for wanting this man she hadn't even seen, because her Master wished it so. And because of the anticipation of what was to come both pleasure and pain.

"What am I to call you?" Slave asked, her throat hoarse.

He paused his nipple twirling. He cleared his throat and then began pulling on her again, "Sir, is fine."

"Very good, Sir," she replied, stretching up on her knees.

She heard the door and squelched the urge to turn and look, reminding herself that she couldn't see anyway. "Thank you," the dark voice murmured. "Get me the cane."

Slave shuddered involuntarily. Her muscles twitched knowing the pain that was to come. Anticipation was always so much worse than the act. She forced her lungs to slow and take in air fully.

She bent her head and listened for the sound around her, trying to figure out just what was going on. Her mind raced as she felt frustration of the blindfold, her still tied hands, at being helpless in general set in. She set herself to take slow breathes again, imagining Master's voice reminding her to do so.

"Good girl," the stranger said, his hand brushing her head as he walked by. "Keep breathing. And relax."

Slave lifted her head, but kept it straight ahead, although he was now behind her. "It's the anticipation Sir."

He cleared his throat. She felt the tip of the cane brush her thighs. She swallowed hard. "Concentrate on your breathing." Slave's body twitched at the familiar words, but before she could react the cane tapped against her ass. Over and over, light taps, her head started nodding with the rhythm of the warm up.

The more she relaxed, the harder the blows came. Then they stopped. "Slave?" the voice came deeper than before and she cocked her head.

"Green," she said, taking a deep breath. "I'm good. Relaxed."

There was a pause, silence filled the room. Then the blows of the cane came hard. Slave concentrated on the beat of five between each blow at first, ignoring the sting at first. Then embracing the pain, until it overwhelmed her senses, all but consuming her.

She heard herself crying out as the pause between shortened. She felt hot all over as she tried to keep from falling forward. Tears pressed her eyelids as she screamed with each stinging blow.

Finally she felt too tense to continue on. As the tears spilled over she gave in. "Please, I can't stay up any longer. I need to rest. Please." Her voice was strained and high pitched. "I'm going to fall over."

He stopped swinging. A long moment came and Slave's hands tensed with need to rub the sting on her ass and thighs away. "Bend forward, there's a chair," Lila said.

Slave lifted her hands, seeking it's refuge. Placing her forearms on the seat, she leaned her weight on them.

She jumped as she felt the cane caress her still stinging skin. "Is that all you beg for?" the mysterious voice asked.

She took a deep breath, considering. "I can stand more of the caning if you wish."

He slapped against her lightly a few times, as if he were contemplating the offer. He slapped her with one last stinging blow and then Slave pushed herself up as she hard the cane drop to the floor behind her.

Lila's heels clicked across the floor. Slave controlled her breathing to try to figure out what was going to happen next.

"Do you want a drink before we go on?"

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