Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tough Choices

Note: This was a rather difficult piece for me to write. I wanted to do the characters justice. The musical inspiration was "Me, I'm Not" by Nine Inch Nails from their latest album, which I highly recommend. I liked the set up a great deal and I think I will revisit this characters, after NaNoWriMo next month.

The slave was wearing knee high leather boots. They crinkled as she walked to the beat of the music. His eyes traced up her leather clad legs, to the skin between the boots and her tight leather skirt. He watched her hips hitch up to the music, the skirt pulling up with each movement, threatening to give him a better view. But it was so tight on her that it wasn't possible.

His eyes travelled up further, to the skin of her torso. Her shirt was nothing more than a leather bra, so tight it pushed her breasts up and out, an offering to him. He closed his eyes and let the beat of the music fill his senses. He lifted a hand silently and motioned.

When he opened his eyes, he watched the second woman lead the slave on a leash, tied to the collar around her neck. He smiled at Lila as she lead the girl to him. She was wearing red high heels, that made her legs stretch out under her knee length red flowing velvet skirt. He watched it swish around her legs and then moved up her body. Her red lace shirt was held around her front by two ties one over her navel and the other between her breasts, with two flicks he could have it off her.

Both their lips were bright red, he glanced from one mouth to the other. Which would he have around his cock tonight? His pants tightened at the thought.

Lila was wearing a collar as well, thinner than the slave's collar. It denoted her place in the hierarchy.

Slave had her dark hair pulled back into a pony tail. He considered telling her to let it down, but it was more useful to keep tied back to give her extra direction if she needed it. Lila left her blonde hair loose, hanging around her shoulders.

He smiled as Lila pressed her lips to his, her height nearly matching his own with her heels on. He kissed her back, sliding his tongue into her mouth and taking the leash from her hand. He twisted his wrist, wrapping it around his wrist and pulling the slave closer.

He let go of Lila's mouth and body. She stepped readily to the side, allowing him to pull the shorter girl up to him. He bent over slightly as even in heels she wasn't tall enough to reach him. He held her close, taking her mouth with his again and again.

He bit into her bottom lip and pulled back, stretching it between them. He heard a small moan come from her throat as her body shuddered against his in reaction to the discomfort. He let go and regarded both women with a smile.

"I want you two in bed and I will see who will please me best tonight." He spoke for the first time since arriving home from the club.

Lila brushed her lips across his cheek, before grabbing the dark haired beauty standing beside him. Lila pulled the Slave into a deep kiss, hands caressing Slave's stomach, breasts and shoulders. "Undress me," Lila said. The words were soft spoken, but the command was apparent.

Slave slipped her hands between the bodies and untied the simple strings holding Lila's shirt around her. Slave slipped it off Lila's shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She slipped her hands around Lila's body, and undid the button and zipper behind her.

Lila took the advantage of the position to kiss the slave deeper and pull her tighter. The skirt dropped to the floor. He watched as the slave moved down Lila's body to remove her red velvet panties. Slave kissed Lila's things and knees as she moved down and back up.

Lila grabbed Slave's hair before she was standing. "Pick up my clothes and put them where they belong." There was no menace in Lila's voice, only a hint of a threat. But Slave had long since learned to obey without questioning anyone.

"And get me a chair," he said. Slave turned to look at her Master for a moment. She hurried and pulled the easy chair from the corner to the middle of the room, to the side of the bed so he could watch the girls as they played. He watched with excitement as she struggled in the binding leather.

After he was seated, he dismissed the dark haired girl with the wave of his hand. She knelt on the floor and picked up Lila's clothes. She hung up the skirt and shirt in the closet. The panties she put in the clothes hamper for later washing. Master D., as he was known, put his elbow on the arm rest and leaned his head on it. His blonde ponytail fell to the side and he smiled as Slave returned to stand beside the bed, where Lila was laying.

Lila took her hand and pulled her. "Lie down next to me and kiss me. Do to me what you would feel is pleasurable. What you would want if you could have it." Lila smiled at Slave, who returned the smile. Slave slid down on the bed beside Lila and kissed her. She moved her head to Lila's breasts and suckled the nipples. He watched Slave's tongue slide around and around the sensitive center. Her hand slipped down between Lila's legs and rubbed the bare mound.

He watched their bodies move together as Slave rubbed, caressed and licked Lila into moaning and arching. It went on so long it almost got boring. It was only a matter of time before Lila impatiently shoved Slave's head between her legs. He smiled as Lila grabbed Slave's ponytail and ordered gave the orders, punctuating with, "Make me come."

Slave slid down the bed, kissing Lila's body a few times along the way. She looked as if she wanted to linger and play some more. Instead, she changed her face and stance into taking care of Lila. She nuzzled Lila's pussy.

He moved to the bed, so he could have the best view of the action. He idly stroked Lila's breast, stomach and thighs with one hand. With the other he stroked Slave's head, watching her as she tried to make her Mistress orgasm.

Slave was holding Lila's pussy lips open so she could lick and suck on her clit. She slide two fingers into Lila's open waiting pussy. And for a moment his cock strained to be in her.

He felt Lila's body shudder and convulse as she came hard on Slave's fingers, under her mouth. Lila let out soft moans as she arched her back. Slave didn't stop applying pressure to Lila's cunt until pushed away. Lila hoarsely commanded, "Stop. Enough."

Master stood up and started to undress. He watched Lila's body as it shook still. He took in Slave who was still crouched between Lila's legs, wiping her mouth. Both of them looked up at him expectantly. "Slave, off the bed. You may sit in my chair, but do not touch yourself."

He dropped his clothing by the bed. "Pick up my clothes first," he added, as she sat down in his chair. He paid no more attention to her as he eased onto the bed, by the still shaking Lila. Lila wasted no time, as she grabbed his cock in one hand, her other hand smoothed over his chest. "Was she good?" he asked.

"Very good, Sir."

He let Lila rub her hand along him for a while. He pinched her nipples, until she squealed and pulled back a little. She didn't dare move away from his attention.

Unable to contain himself anymore, he lifted himself over Lila and pushed his cock into her waiting pussy. She was wet and open, nearly pulling him into her body.

He started thrusting into her, slowly building up speed. She met him, her inner wall tensing around him.

He pushed himself up over her body and then sank back in deeply pushing him over the edge as he came inside her. He thrust shallowly a few more times, feeling the aftershocks of the orgasm reverberate. Then he let himself fall on top of her.

Easing away, he regarded Slave sitting primly on the chair, her hands folded on her lap. "Come here and clean us up. You've been a good girl tonight. You can join us in the bed for sleep." He kissed Lila's forehead. "You were very good too, my sweet. Very good indeed."

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