Friday, December 15, 2006

Task complete, Master.

She kneeled before him, her forehead on his knees. She focused on his feet as his hand stroked her hair. They were both bare, clothing having been discarded much earlier. "What can I do to please you?" She lifted her head looking at him.

"That is something you need to think of." He tugged her hair, affectionately.

She sighed and leaned down again. Did he make it difficult on purpose? She tried to think of what he would like. She kissed his knee, trailing kisses up his leg. She pushed her way into his crotch
with her head. He leaned back, keeping one hand on the back of her head. She kissed and licked at his soft cock, making him jump.

With one hand she stroked his cock, watching it harden. With her other, she pulled his hand to touch her breast, begging him to touch her silently. He let her use his hand to fondle her, not actively

"Lay down," his voice soft. She jumps still, and then removes her hands from his body. She moves away from any furniture and lays herself on the rug. She spreads her legs slightly, her arms out to
the sides, waiting for him. "Be still now. And quiet. Eyes open."

She started to close her eyes and then opened them again. She looked at him, attention focused as his hands started at her neck, caressing lightly. He tickled down her chest, over her stomach, making her
jump. Giggles threatening. Then harder , caressing her breasts, tenderly feeling her. Molding her flesh to his hands, rolling her nipples between his fingers.

She started to moan, the gentle touch assaulting her senses. He moved a hand between her legs, rub lightly at her lips. He watched her face as he slid a finger between the slick lips, pressing his finger
lightly against her clit. She moaned loudly, spreading her legs wider.

He pushed them back together. "Still and quiet."

She nodded, biting her bottom lip. "Okay," it was a whisper.

He smiled and leaned over kissing her. She reached up, clinging to his lips, while his finger, the only part of him touching her, assaulted her clit gently. Soon she was rocking her hips, and moaning again.

"I don't want you to come. Wait until I tell you."

She nodded, grasping at the floor. He continued making slow circles on her clit. She was gasping, her breath catching in her throat each time she thought about begging to come.

Suddenly he pulled his finger away. She felt her body go jelly as she melted into the floor, relaxing.

"Make me come first. Then you may come. Without your mouth."

She gaped at him. She couldn't use her mouth and she couldn't fuck him, because she would come the instant he was buried inside of her pussy. She put one hand on her ass. It wouldn't be the most pleasant part of the day.

"Lay down please."

He stretched out on the floor, smiling at her. "Hold on," she said, retrieving the lube, from where it was discarded earlier. She used her hands to coat his cock thickly with the lube.

Using her hands she eased his cock into her ass. She bit her lip, going slowly, trying to give her body time to adjust. He grabbed her hips and moved her steadily down until there was no further to go.

She fought the urge to resist his guidance. Then, not letting herself take a moment to get used to the feeling she lifted her body off of him and then slowly back in. He nodded his approval and she kept
going. Soon she was feeling more relaxed, opening to him.

"Faster," he urged. She thrust faster, concentrating on his face. If she lost focus she would get tense again and the discomfort would return.

She watched him carefully, waiting for signs that he was going to come. She thrust harder, faster, caressing his chest with her fingers. He groaned and matched her thrusts, lifting his hips.

She clenched around him a little. She felt him thrust slower, moving stiffly. His face contorted into a grimace as he came into her.

When he had stopped shuddering, she lifted her body off his. Feeling stretched, she sank down on the floor next to him. "Use your fingers."

She panted, spreading her knees to expose her pussy. She stayed on her knees, bending over a little to push three fingers into herself. She thrust them into herself. He murmured encouragement to her, while
she used her fingers to get herself off. With her other hand she pinched her clit, pulling it. She trembled a little.

"May i?" she asked, lifting her eyes to meet his.

He waited a few beats before nodding. She twisted her clit lightly, spreading her fingers inside her pussy, thrusting them, spreading herself.

She gasped loudly, arching her back and removing her fingers

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