Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Just can't get clean.

"Go start the shower."

I stand and go to the bathroom. Leaning in, turning on the shower. Holding one hand under the pouring water, the other adjusting the temperature until it's just the way you like it. I stick my head out the door and call that it's ready.

You come in, undress, dropping your clothes on the floor. I sigh and stand to the side, watching your naked body. My body responds and I shift.

I stay watching as you get under the warm spray and wash yourself. I get the towel ready thinking you will turn the water off and step out. Instead you beckon me into the shower. I start to undress but you shake your head. "Just get in here now."

I closes my eyes and breath. "Oh."

I step under the spray, feeling it cover my shirt and pants, a muttered prayer of thanks that I'm not wearing jeans. I brush my hair back from my face, wiping the water away.

Your hand on the top of my head pushes me down. I lower myself to my knees, squaring my body in front of yours, my head at your crotch.

I glance up at you briefly, but you aren't looking at me. I take your half hard cock into my mouth, sucking a little. Your hand pets the side of my hair, moving me so you can stand under the warm water.

I shiver, the warmth of the water taken off of me. I feel your cock growing hard in my mouth, on my tongue. I start to bob my head, your cock moving in and out of my mouth. Your hands tighten on the sides of my heads, and I take a deep breath, relaxing my whole body.

You just hold me, your hands moving with my head. I hold you in my mouth, deep, relaxing. Your cock threatening to push against my reflex. I use my tongue to press your cock to the roof of my mouth. Once I am relaxed, I continue, pulling you deeper into my mouth.

Your hands stroke my hair again. I smile to myself, pleased with the reaction.

I am getting tired, my mouth is sore. You notice I am becoming lax. You grab the sides of my hair and start pulling and pushing my head in and out. Then, you are thrusting your hips into my face. Your cock deep in my mouth, pressing deeper.

I focus on my hands on your hips. Suppressing the need to sputter as you thrust, hitting the back of my mouth.

Your body shudders, becoming stiff. You come into my mouth. I gulp, with a shudder. You turn the water off and then pull your cock out of my mouth. You look down at me, smiling and shaking your head. "Dirty even in the shower."

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