Sunday, October 20, 2013

These eyes ...

I'm being haunted by beautiful eyes. They smile at me and crinkle at the corners. They are warm and sexy. And they make me feel beautiful.

They seem to belong to an angel, my angel.

I am loved. Wholly.

The eyes are set in a beautiful face, attached to a beautiful body.

Sometimes, the daydream extends to the physical act of "making love". Having sex.

Sometimes, just holding on to me. Cuddling. Extending physical comfort makes my heart open, my soul sing and my muscles relax.

I want to write this. To share the story, but it feels too intimate.

It's also unfinished. And ever changing. Flowing.

It's just a fantasy. Writing it makes seem more real.

Also I'm dealing with another bout of depression. My first in more than five years. I want to just wallow and whine and give in to the apathy. I have to fight this compulsion to give in.

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