Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Chantal Part 3: Lila's Turn on Top

Contination from Third Time's the Charm

Lila lowered her onto the bed. "Shall I undress her?"

"Get the wine first. In the ice bucket."

Chantal was drifting in bliss and denied frustration. Her gaze was on the canopy above the bed but her attention was held deep within her body. Lila was loathe to leave her in such a state.

Leaving William alone with her. To do what he wanted without Lila witnessing. The first times with a new slave were like magic. Watching as Master tested their limits, showed them just what they could handle.

At first he would give them what they begged for. Slowly, he would start denying them and demanding silence as he flogged them or fucked them. His choice of weapon depended on his mood.

He would rather use force tonight, she mused as she went down to the kitchen. His house was very beautiful. The housekeeper kept it immaculately clean during the day. And in the evening Lila was tasked with servitude. Both menial and sexual.

He would rather use force tonight, but he would refrain. Chantal wasn't ready for it yet. She hadn't learned to deny her pleasure. She would be well versed before the night was out.

Lila smiled as she filled the ice bucket. She placed a piece on her tongue just before she stuck the wine bottle in. The glasses were already in the room. She tucked the bucket under her left arm and grabbed a bowl of fruit with her right hand.

She returned with haste to the bedroom, anxious to find out if Master had Chantal naked now. Or if he had found some other form of torture.

With deep interest she opened the door to the dimly lit room.

He was hovered over the bed, over Chantal's limp form. Lila resisted the urge to rush to his side, to see what he was doing to her new find. She felt a certain protectiveness over Chantal that she'd never felt for the others.

Perhaps it was the vulnerability she had been feeling when she met Chantal. She had been ready to leave William because she felt she was no longer a good submissive to him. Their last girl had been with them too long and Lila had gotten too used to be dominate.

It had taken Chantal to show that she could be submissive. And she would learn to be a sub and a dom this time. She wanted to make Chantal stay. Along with being attracted to Chantal she also genuinely liked the girl. Despite her willfulness, she would make a great slave. The best slaves were willful.

Lila slid the contents of her hands onto the side table. "Would you like a glass of wine Sir?"

"Yes. I will have a half glass while you undress the Slave." He tossed something on the bed. "Then dress her in those."

Lila poured him a glass and then hurried to the bedside. "May I kiss her first?" Her desire for a taste of Chantal was overwhelming at this range.


Lila smiled and bent her head to Chantal. She pressed her lips to Chantal's. The girl reacted with pressure of her own. Both their lips parted and Lila dipped her tongue in, tentative at first, then sweeping, demanding.

"That's enough," Master said from across the room. He sounded disinterested in the scene. But Lila knew she was about to take things further than just a kiss in a moment more.

Lila pulled back and wiped her lips. She felt some of Chantal's keyed up, nervous energy. The burning between her legs making the slave girl ready to beg for release. She wouldn't; she wouldn't want to give him the satisfaction. She would want to show her will, her strength.

Lila helped her sit up. She unzipped the back of her dress and shimmied it off her shoulders. It was the same dress Chantal had been wearing the night the two women had met. Chantal helped take it off.

"Lay down and close your eyes." Lila whispered, tossing the dress aside. She touched the chained clamps that lay beside Chantal on the bed. They were cold. She closed her palms around them, wishing she could warm them first.

"Why?" Chantal asked.

"Because I said," Lila hissed. "Don't question your Mistress" SHe would have given a quick slap but Master hadn't given her leave to do so.

"Sorry," Chantal mumbled, dropping her gaze.

"Eyes up slave." They would stop using her name until she was full submitted to them.

Chantal lifted her eyes to meet Lila's. "Better. Now close your damn eyes. And concentrate on your breathing."

Once her eyes were closed, Lila picked up the clamp. She pinched a nipple until it hardened slightly. Then she latched the clamp onto it.

Chantal's eyes flew open, her hand flew to her breast and she let out a cry. "Ow, what the fuck."

"Tonight you start to make pain mean pleasure and pleasure mean pain." It sounded cliche, Lila thought. But, as she thought about how she looked forward to pain as well as the pleasure, she wanted Chantal to feel the same.

Lila pushed Chantal's hands away. "I told you to focus on your breathing." In sympathy Lila winced when she clamped the second nipple.

Master's arms came around Lila. He rubbed her breasts through her shirt. "Watching her squirm turns you on," he said.

"You know how pain excites me. And I can't wait to see her come over it. Through it."

Master chuckled. "You want to make her come."

"Of course." Lila lowered her gaze, but he grabbed her chin and lifted it.

"Perhaps later, my little pain slut. Right now, remove your shirt and clamp yourself. While I start with our little slave." He pulled something from his pocket and sat on the bed next to Chantal.

Lila went to the toy drawer and found a second set of nipple clamps. She unbuttoned her shirt and set it aside on a chair. She rubbed and pinched her nipples, readying them. Her breath hissed when she snapped the clamps on. Fluid flooded her pussy.

As she moved toward the bed, she heard a low buzzing. She stopped when her thigh touched William's knee. She resisted the urge to rub herself against him. She forced her concentration on what he was doing to Slave.

She was trembling. Her lips were moving wordlessly. Lila smiled, her eyes travelling to Master's hand pressed between her legs. He was pressing a vibrator against her clit. The girl must be in agony, waiting to come, but struggling because of the distraction of pain.

Lila wouldn't be so distracted. She would have come twice by now. The picture before her left her pussy sopping. "Stop rubbing against me Lila."

She realized she was all but humping his leg. She lowered her head again. "Sorry Sir."

He tugged on her nipple clamp. "See that you control yourself."

"Yes Sir. It won't happen again."

He bent over Chantal and removed one of the clamps. He sucked the nipple into his mouth. The gentle touch pushed her over the edge and she bucked violently as she came. When she stilled, he withdrew his mouth and the vibe. He replaced the clamp.

"Do you feel better Slave?" he asked.

Chantal shook her head. "I don't know. My nipples feel like they are on fire and my pussy just wants to come over and over."

"You will," he smiled menacingly. She would come until she felt she was coming apart at the seams.

"May I go pee Sir?" Lila asked.

"Yes, but don't even wipe yourself Lila. You may not touch yourself outside my presence tonight."

Lila nodded. "Yes Sir." She headed for the door. Just before she slipped out, she heard Master say, "Off the bed Slave."

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