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Chantal- Part Two

Part One

They didn't touch until they'd arrived at Lila's grand home. Both feeling too tipsy to drive, they'd shared a silent cab ride.

Once inside the house, Chantal's body was tight with anticipation. She couldn't stand it so she grabbed Lila's shoulders and kissed her, hard and chaste. Lila was rigid with surprise but she gradually softened into Chantal's body, who kept the kiss from turning heated. The last thing she wanted was to seduce the sexiest woman in the world in the entry way of her soon-to-be ex-husband's house.

"Do you want, uh, something to drink?" Lila asked breathlessly.

Chantal shook her head. "All I want is you." She could feel a buzz in her body. The promise of mutual pleasure.

Lila leaned in and kissed the younger woman, catching her lower lip between nipping teeth. Chantal moaned and squirmed against Lila's lithe body.

Lila pulled away quickly and grabbed Chantal's hand. They walked briskly down a hall, up a flight of stairs and to another hall. Chantal opened a wide door and flicked on the light.

The room was larger than Chantal's whole apartment. And the centre piece was a four poster bed. The head boar was hidden behind hundreds of pillows. Chantal kicked off her shoes and jumped on. She relaxed into the pillows and gave Lila her best "come hither" look.

Lila locked the door without explanation and then followed the invitation to the bed.

Along with her shoes, she also removed her jacket to reveal a thin, lacy camisole stretched over her breasts. Chantal reached her hand out and caressed one. The nipple tightened and puckered beneath her stroking palm. She bent her head and tongued the tight bud through the material which caused it to tighten even more. She gave the same treatment to the other nipple.

Lila pushed Chantal's hands away. She slipped the straps of Chantal's dress over the soft skin of her shoulders. Lila quickly divulged Chantal of her dress. She took in the youthful body, though there was only six, maybe eight, years between them.

Chantal's bra and panties, matching black scraps of lace fell to the floor. She stretched out on the blue satin bedspread. It was cool and slick on her skin. Lila's mouth, on her skin, was the direct opposite sensation from the bedding, causing a deep shiver to run through Chantal's body. A heated tongue lapped over each nipple. Mouth and teeth teased, leaving Chantal squirming and pulling at the bed clothes.

"Stay as still as you can. Very still," Lila said in a light voice. Despite the lightness, there was a commanding virtue to it. Lila slipped down Chantal's sleek body.

Chantal nodded and bit her bottom lip with resolve to please Lila with her stillness. Lila's hands pushed her legs open. Lila pressed a kiss to Chantal's cleft, then her fingers parted the delicate folds hidden within downy curls. She sat back slightly to take in the dusky rose shades. Lila kissed gently, then in long, slow laps of her tongue she caressed Chantal intimately.

Chantal shuddered with each stroke. And, when they stopped, Lila pressed harder or faster. Then she slid her fingers into Chantal's slick depths. Chantal's inner walls sucked her in, deeper and harder.

All t he while, Chantal concentrated on keeping her body still. Her hands clenched and released the blankets and Lila's shoulders. Her moans raised higher and higher until she climaxed. Chantal couldn't stop shaking, even when Lila stopped touching her.

"Did you give her permission to come?" a male voice asked politely.

Lila groaned and buried her face in her hands. "Not that kind of night," Lila replied with an edge in her voice.

"Pity. Well, it can change. Come here." Lila glanced at Chantal before leaving the bed. At the man's guidance, she sat on his lap. What the hell was going on? Chantal's mind clamoured to know.

Lila's movement left Chantal to study the man holding her. He was by far the most attractive man she'd ever seen. Long, dark hair, deep blue eyes, a goatee framing beautiful lips. He was dressed in black dress pants and a white button up shirt. No tie on now, but his shirt wrinkled like he'd been wearing one. Chantal felt an unwanted jolt of desire as his eyes combed over her. His eyes acknowledged he'd seen that and he smiled at her.

"Who is this?" Chantal asked finally finding her voice.

"My husband, William," Lila replied.

"And you obey him even during the divorce?"

William answered. "Our bond goes deeper than marriage. Lila is- struggling with her place."

"I cannot be wholly submissive anymore. I need to assert myself," Lila protested. With his hard look she added, "Sir."

"Maybe I should go," Chantal said as she moved toward the edge of the bed and looked for her clothes.

"No," the couple said. William spoke, "Are you into S and M? Domination?"

"Tying each other up?"

"More than that. Lila said, a few years back, that she'd be wholly submissive to me. Now she wants to go back on that." He looked at Lila with steel in his gaze. "What do I do with her now? She didn't even introduce me as her Master." He caressed her cheek with his palm and then slapped her lightly. "what do I do now, my love?"

Chantal watched in stunned silence while the couple kissed deeply. She sat half off the bed watching intently when an unwelcome pang of jealousy hit. She wanted to kiss William. The submissive part might be a problem.

William continued to hold Lila captive while he undressed her. He caressed her bare breasts lightly and briefly; his fingers dipped between her legs. He raised his head to gaze at Chantal. "Do you wish to take care of this part?"

Chantal didn't hesitate to join them. She suckled at Lila's breasts, teasing in the same way she had been teased. William pushed Chantal until she was kneeling on the floor between Lila's lax legs.

He set them further apart which exposed her bare pussy. Chantal looked up at him. Questioning, submitting. He stroked her hair. "I worried you'd be wilful, demanding. You're a natural submissive." He eased her head forward until she could smell Lila's arousal but her attention was still on William. "Go ahead. Lick her until she comes. Then I'll fuck her. She won't deny me tonight."

He spread Lila's labia for Chantal. She grabbed Lila's thighs with her hands. She lapped sloppily at Lila's cunt, smearing her face. Lila jumped, her first reaction since Chantal sat down. Lila's thighs clamped against Chantal's head, making Lila's cries and Williams words muffled.

What came through was Lila's reaction. Her full body tremors as she came. Chantal wanted more but William pushed her back.

He was naked, his erection at attention from a dark patch of hair. Chantal's haze of lust urged her to lunge for it. She met Williams eyes and his gaze held her back. He stroked Lila's cheek. "Come my pet. Sit on my lap, take my cock."

Lila eased her body onto his cock. Chantal, still on the floor, had an eye level view of cock into pussy.

"Good girl," William said in a tight voice. "Fuck me, my little slut."

As Lila began moving over him, he took Chantal's hand. He guided it between his legs to stroke his ball sac. She stroked while she watched his cock slide in and out of Lila. She only raised her head, when he stiffened and grunted. She felt his balls tighten and then release.

He stilled Lila's body. "Darling, clean yourself." Lila raised herself and headed for the door. "Oh some wine. White, sweet. Three glasses."

Lila felt the room, closing the door behind her. William turned his attention to Chantal. "What's your name lovely? And what's your story?"

"Chantal. I met Lila at the club I sing in. Last Friday, I sang 'Me and Mrs. Jones'. She and I talked. This week she brought me here."

He nodded. "And you want what I've given Lila" Chantal must have looked confused because he added, "My cock. I think you'd have preferred that."

Chantal tried to feign disinterest. "I got off before you interrupted."

"Well, you can clean it off for me. But I won't fuck you tonight. Another time."

Chantal didn't move. He had no claim on her and she wasn't going to submit to his will. Well, submit further, she realized thinking back. She wasn't going to give him anything when she wasn't going to get anything in return.

"Oh, don't do that darling. We both know you want it." She met his gaze steadily.

He dug his fingertips into her hair and pressed her head into his lap. "Clean." She sighed. She could argue further, but she would only be denying herself what she wanted. Either way she'd go home with a hungry ache in her pussy. Besides, if she complied she might have the chance for another orgasm. She opened her mouth and licked him. After she was done lapping, she took his cock into her mouth. She pulled it in and out of her mouth, trying to get him hard. He remained soft despite her best efforts.

She heard Lila return. "Pour us each a glass, my pet. Bring mine here. Chantal will have hers in a moment. Then I think she'd like to be taken home." He patted her head as she continued to caress him with her tongue.

He finally pushed her away. "That's enough. You are quite good at that. Another time I would have enjoyed coming in your mouth. Not tonight. I suspect you don't do well with delayed gratification. Help yourself to a glass of wine." He patted her cheek.

Chantal downed the glass of wine in three swallows. "Clearing my mouth of the taste," she said, looking at William with hard eyes.

He laughed. "Am I right? Are you ready to go home? I'll give you a ride."

"I'd prefer a taxi," she replied. He shrugged.

"Get dressed then. I'll call." He walked over and picked up the phone on the side table. His eyes remained on Chantal as she dressed.

He left the room undressed. "Why do you go along with this?" Chantal demanded of Lila.

"He's charismatic. He's beautiful. And he loves me. I love him too, you know," Lila stayed on the sofa, naked, while she sipped her wine.

Chantal shook her head. "He is persuasive. And beautiful. I don't think I believe he's capable of love or being loved."

"It's there. Being dominant. It's just who he is. I have to learn to accept that. I will try to see you next week."

The door reopened and William appeared. He stuck his head around the corner. "Lila stay here. I'll return shortly." Lila nodded.

"Good bye," Chantal said.

"See you soon," Lila replied, raising a hand to her lips and then outward.

Chantal shook her head again, the surrealism of the evening washing over her. William put his hand on the small of her back as she walked by. He guided her to the front door again. He kissed her cheek. "Thank you for stopping by." As if she was a family friend who just happened to drop by for coffee. "Lila and myself will see you again soon. It was a very lovely morning." He grinned.

Chantal didn't say anything as she reached for the front door to open it.

"Wait," William said. He pressed some bills into her hand. "For the cab ride home. Sorry if you felt uncomfortable. Next time will be better for you. I'll give you what you wanted."

He opened the door and pushed her out into the cool morning air. There was a few hours before the sun was due to come up. Lila climbed into the waiting taxi and gave him the address to her apartment. Then she laid her head back against the seat of the cab with a deep sigh.
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