Friday, January 25, 2008

Making Her Beg

An excerpt, from something I hope to release in it's entirety someday. For free

He went and leaned against the wall just outside the bathroom, waiting to reassert his dominance, that he could control her. And himself. That it was just about sex.

When the bathroom door opened she was wrapped in a towel, her hair dripping and her face composed. She looked around the room, confusion in her eyes when she didn't see him. He grabbed her shoulders, making her cry out, and pushed her against the wall. He kissed her hard, punishing, bodies pressed together.

First she got stiff, moving into the wall, but as the kiss went on she softened, kissing him back, running her hands over his body. He unwound the towel from her body, dragging his hands rough over her breasts, tugging the nipples with his fingers.

He tore his mouth away from hers, and lowered it to her breast. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as he sucked a nipple hard into his mouth. And then he nipped with his teeth, making her cry out. He wanted to mark her as he moved to her other breast, biting into the skin, sucking licking.

She was very still as he abused her body. Her nails pressed into his skin through his shirt, he didn't care. He lifted his head and kissed again, one hand moving her legs apart. He rubbed against her hard, grinding into her soft mound. Looking into her eyes he growled, "I want you to beg me, Lucy. I'm not going to fuck you until you beg me. Don't come until I tell you too."

Separating the soft lips he rubbed her clitoris, pulling, tugging with the same violent motions he'd done to her breasts. "Do you understand?" he demanded.

Her eyes were glazed and she was moaning and squirming. "Yes." Her voice went higher as he pulled on her clit, "Yes. I understand. Please."

He shook his head and lowered himself before her. He bent his head between her legs and spread her pussy lips with his thumbs. Her knees went soft, expecting his soft tongue, but instead she gained his teeth. He bit into her clit, and she jerked away. He moved one hand to her back and pressed her forward into his mouth, tugging on her most sensitive area.

Her protests quickly turned to moans as he continued his misuse of her body. Once she fell into pleasure from the pain, he turned to licking between the lips, sucking her juices. Until she suddenly cried out, "Mac, please, I need you to fuck me. I need to come. I can't take anymore of this. Of your mouth. Fuck Mac."

He moved back to look up at her. He slipped a finger between her legs, not wanting to stop his torture. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Mac, please shove your hard cock into wherever you want, just let me come."

He nodded, feeling her desperation seep into him. "Come for me then slut," he said, before he pressed his mouth to her pussy again, once more using his teeth on her.

Her entire body went aquiver as she came, down around his mouth. Her knees went week and
she nearly fell onto him, he lifted his body and grabbed her around the waist. "Good?" he asked, with a grin. He stood and picked her up and carried her to the bed.

He deposited her on the bed and then went to find the lube again. "On your hands and knees," he said, "ass toward the edge of the bed for me." He judged it would be the perfect height.

Once he was properly lubricated, he pulled her ass cheeks apart. With infinite control he eased into her tight ass. She shivered as he did, but didn't move otherwise. He didn't inquire to her enjoyment, it was no longer about her. His finger on her clit, rubbing in circles he thrust into her, knowing after teasing her for so long, and now being hugged tight by her body he wouldn't last long.

He groaned as desire took him and grabbed her hips, pulling her body back onto his cock as he came hard into her. His body shuddering, he managed to withdrawn before he fell onto her, pressing her to bed.

He was still panting as he made himself stand to retreat. He went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, trying to regain his composure. Not wanting to see Lucy until he had.


Will said...

~~Would love to read the rest of this.
Nice excerpt.

~~Very sexy..and, tightly written.


Daisy said...

Wonderfully written! Care to exchange links?