Tuesday, May 29, 2007


She looked up at him from her knees.

"Tell me what you are."

She licked her lips, her mouth very dry. "A slut."

He tapped her shoulder wogger.coith the cane still in his hand. The cane whose bite she had come to know very well. Her legs still stung slightly. "Try again."

"Your whore?"

A smile crossed his lips. He quickly pushed it aside. "What do you want?"

She waited a few beats, searching for the best answer. "To please you."

"What do you want right now?"

"Your cock," she said, dropping her shoulders.

He nodded slightly. He walked away from her without a word. She watched with her eyes while he put the cane down and removed his clothes.

She shivered, clenching her hands.

He stood in front of her again. His cock hard. Her fingers itched to reach out and touch it, but she didn't dare move. The sting on her skin reminded her of that.

"Open your mouth."

She opened her mouth. He stepped forward, guiding his cock into her. She closed her mouth around it, applying light pressure with her mouth.

He wrapped her hair around his hands lightly. He watched her, letting her take the lead. She bobbed her head in and out, from his body. He let his head roll back, moaning a little.

His control snapped without warning. He pulled her by the hair, tight on his cock. She gagged and fought against the pressure, despite the pain.

Finally she resigned herself to trying to breath deeply, while he thrust into her mouth.

He shuddered suddenly. She gulped quickly.

He pulled out of her.

She smiled up at him, wiping her chin. She wished silently for a glass of water. "Well, wanna fuck me now? I'm really turned on."

"You are here for my pleasure. Not the other way around."

She sighed. "Clothes?" she said hopefully.

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