Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tired ramblings and confessions of love.

The day's stres seeps from my bones. I am tired. I am overemotional.

I long to melt into you. To take in your heat. Bodies meld together. As if they are one - no beginning, no end. Just us.

I want to hear you speak. Your voice a soothing balm on my frayed nerves.

Your hands-warm on my skin- melting me. I feel like I may crack if you leave me here alone.

I wish it were enough. That I were enough. That I could love you as you love me- as I long for you-me-us to love.

I love you. Anyhow.

But we are not enough. I must fill myself up before I can truely let you in.

This has been my confession (abridged version).

I pray it gives me peace.

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Fuck you