Thursday, March 01, 2007

You've been Missed

The ringing phone tore me from sleep. I rolled over and grabbed it, wanting it to stop. Groggy, I mumbled. "Hello?"

"I'm coming." The voice was strong and awake on the other end. The unspoken message was get yourself together, a warning.

I hung up the phone and sat up fully. I yawned widely, my hands busy pulling my tangled hair straight.

It seemed like a moment later the was a precursory knock on the door. I didn't retrieve my glasses I as I stumbled to the doorway. I heard the keys in the door as I leaned against the wall in the hall. I pulled my pants straight, my heart fluttering nervously in my chest. The door swung open.

I heard the lock click into place. My eyes flew open, my heart jumped into my throat. He turned his gaze on me. I blushed like a teenage girl, caught staring at her crush in the hall. Actually, except for the teenage part, it was exactly like that. I giggled and stepped back, unable to take my eyes off him.

He closed the space between us. Grabbing my upper arms, he pushed me against the wall. His mouth covered mine, a burning kiss between us. His tongue seared my mouth. I was branded - His.

My body became paralyzed between him and the wall. His mouth impressed upon mine, making love to me.

I gripped his upper arms. My fingertips dug into his biceps. I was holding on for dear life, as his passion swept me away.

He tore his mouth from mine, taking his heat with him. I shivered, suddenly cold. His hand dug into my hair, pulling my head back. "I missed you," he murmured. His teeth scrapped against the tender flesh of my throat.

I let go of his arms and started to push his jacket off of his shoulders. "I missed you too." My voice was throaty and breathless.

He shrugged the jacket off, letting it fall to the floor. I dropped my hands, becoming passive again. I dropped my gaze to his chest.

He tugged on my hair, lifting my head again. He kissed me again. His hands dropped, grabbing my top and working it over my tummy, my breasts. I lifted my arms letting him remove it from my body. I tried to keep up, returning his kisses. But, through my sleepy haze and his sudden appearance, I could only let him use my body. And to enjoy the attention he lavished on it.

I watched him through my lashes as he bent his head to my breast. His lips and tongue still hot from the kiss, took one nipple in.

I moaned, gyrating my hips. His hands on my waist encouraged the movement.

"Have you been a good girl while I've been away?" His question was a brief reprise from the sweet torture his mouth was giving me.

Before I could answer, he latched onto the second nipple. All thought left for several moments. I grappled to remember the question. "Yes." The reply was ground out from my clenched teeth. "I've tried to be good."

"Tell me everything. Now." His mouth trailed hot kisses down my belly. His tongue stopped to swirl my belly button.

I nearly missed the command in his voice. Had he been away that long?

His tongue was tickling, while his hands worked on the tie of my pants. I had to think fast, to answer before he got my pants down and his mouth was kissing, licking, sucking the heat of me.

"I got off a couple of times a week. While you were gone." I swallowed hard, as he slid the pants down my legs.

"Only a couple?" He stopped, looking up at me. "I'm disappointed. Were you thinking of me? That I would do this?" He pressed his mouth into the crotch of my panties, blowing hot air against my pussy through the thin material. He pulled back, looking at my crotch. "Look how wet you are already."

I nodded, whimpering and shaking from the effort of keeping still. "Yes I thought of you all the time."

"Did you think of me kissing your wet pussy?" He slipped my panties down my ankles. I was trapped by my clothing. If I tried to move I would likely fall over.

"No, I thought of fucking you."

"Always the cock." He put his thumb against my clit and rubbed a slow circle.

I nodded and whimpered.

"Any cock?"

"Just yours."

I leaned my head back against the wall, breathing a sigh of relief when he removed his thumb. Carefully, slowly, he used his fingers to open my pussy lips.

"Do you want this?" he asked.

My response was a tortured cry. "Yes I want you."

He didn't move. His thumb becoming still.

I sighed, gathering myself. "Yes, I want your mouth on my hot pussy."

I was open to him. I closed my eyes, anticipating, ready for him.

His tongue slid between the folds. Heat on heat, made me burst into flame.

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