Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lunch Date

You appeared as if from thin air in the door way. "How-what are you doing here?" I stammer as I stand.

You smile. I am wary of the mischievous look in your eyes. I vow not to let my guard down, to stay alert. "I told Marie," my boss, "we are going for lunch."

I look at the clock, noon, I can make no excuses. I hear the door click shut as I stare the numbers. I lift my gaze, mouth open to protest. You shake your head., a warning in your eyes as you comes around the desk.

You wrap your arms around my body, pulling me to yours. My belly pressed to your hips, my soft breasts squeezed into your hard chest, the flat of your stomach. Your mouth equally unyielding to my mouth. I mould myself around you, giving to your demands. My mouth opening for your tongue, then changing temperature to match yours.

Strong hands open over my body. You drag roughly over cloth, pulling the underlying skin, my breasts. My nipples come to attention under the scratch of clothes against them. And, then they are left cold, without satisfaction of skin-to-skin or mouth or tongue.

Your hands move down my sides not feeling the curves under, but searching for a goal. I can feel the crinkle of clothes as you curl your fingers around the hem of my skirt. You pull it upward, slowly waiting for me to register the shock of impropriety.

It comes to my attention that we are in my office and my door is merely closed. I break the kiss, pushing at your hands with mine. "Not here," I hiss.

There is a knowing look on your face. "I won't grope you here if you take off your panties now."

I sigh impatiently. I want to argue ground rules. I slide into my chair and wiggle a hot pink thong off. You takes them and stuff them in your pocket with a grin. "Let's go."

I stand once more beside you. You puts a hand on the small of my back, warming me there, and propel me forward. Out the door into the elevator. Thankfully there are others in the elevator or I know I would withstand more languid kisses and hot hands on my body. And your kisses are difficult to say no too. I look at you, almost expressionless standing beside me, hand still on my back. Possessive. I can't say no anyway to you, even without the hot kisses. I want so much to see you happy.

"Where are we going for lunch?" I ask as you move me across the parking lot.

"You'll see." You take the keys from my hand and unlock my car. You press me into the passenger seat and then get into the driver's door and start the car. I frown a little, watching you behind the wheel, as if for the first time. It's not the first, but it's rare. And it's hot. I reach over and put my hand on your thigh, slowly sliding it up. My fingers soft, I caress the bulge between your legs.

"I like when you take command. I like watching you drive." My voice is a husky purr.

No reply, no expression change. I sigh and let my hand remain in place, looking out the window as you weave through traffic, trying to gain a clue as to where we are headed.

Your place. You park the car and before I can move are around the car, opening my door. I get out one leg at a time, your hand is on my back again, as if you are worried I'm going to run. Even if I wanted to I have no purse, and no keys. I'm your willing prisoner. I look at you again, with a smile, a warm feeling spreading through my chest.

Inside you press me to the wall, kissing me hard. Your tongue pressing inside of me, moving in long hard strokes. I moan, holding my hands up in acquiescence. Take me, take me, my heart beats. My body arches against yours, trying to get more attention. You're concentration is on impaling my mouth.

I find my hands shaking as I work the buttons on my blouse. Shrugging it off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Contorting my arms so I can unsnap my bra. You pull me away from the wall, your lips on my neck and shoulders, moving me backwards. I stumble unsure of myself into your bedroom, you push me down onto the bed.

I flail, fear rushing through my body as I fall. And then a whoosh of relief as I land softly. I pull my loose bra off my arms and toss it off the bed, my eyes on you. You're watching my chest as it heaves, while you strip your shirt and pants off quickly. It looks like one quick motion. I let my eyes roam your naked body, your cock standing at ready.

I start to turn to pull my skirt off but you startle me by speaking. "No! Just pull your skirt up." I know you were planning that, by the look in your eyes, tone of your voice. I edge up on the bed first, laying my head on one of your pillows. It smells of you and I want to rub my face in it. But, your looming body over the bed is more pressing. I pull my skirt up, exposing my pussy for you, spreading my legs wider, inviting you in.

Your body joins me on the bed, your hand sliding between my legs. Your mouth bends to take a nipple into your mouth, sucking hard until I whimper and arch. Through damp curls your hand crawls searching for the heat buried within. Fingers part the tender outer lips, pressing against the nub of my clit. My muscles tense even more, as your calculated touches tease. Just enough to get me going, not enough to get me off. You know exactly how to tease or how to make me come quickly.

I am caught up in the desire, my body twisting and arching wanting to come. But, you don't take me there. I beg, but you deny me the pleasure.

Then suddenly your body is over mine, your cock driving into me. My pussy hugs you, pulling you in tighter. My body screams with joy as you drive into me. I met each thrust with my body, begging for more.

I shiver, your breath on my ear. "Come for me my little slut." Your hand snakes between our bodies, your finger rubbing my clit. My body out of control as it bows to the orgasm. I am shuddering uncontrollably inside and out as you continue to push deeper. And then I feel your body matching mine, trembling, the hardness of your body melting as you come.

You recover quickly, pushing away from me. You disappear, reappearing with my shirt. I sit up ready to take it from you. You wrap it around me, buttoning the front.

"That was a nice lunch. We'll stop and get you something to eat on the way back. I'm afraid there's not much time left on your break."

I smile and shrug. "It was nice anyway. I just need to go clean up."

You shake your head and then the full scope of your plan comes into view. You get me a sandwich at a drive through and then drop me back at the office. You walk me in and sit me at my desk. Pulling my skirt up so I am bare assed against the chair, dripping come onto it.

You kiss my cheek and say in a low voice, "You can get your panties and bra back after work. I'll be waiting for you." And then before I can recover you are gone.

Marie is walking by as you leave. She smiles and says hi and then peeks into my office. I pray I'm not blushing. "Wow, good lunch?"

I squirm in my chair, the material rough on my bare skin. "It was a great lunch." My inner thighs feel sticky and damp. Really great lunch.

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