Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dealing with the aftermath (not an erotic fiction post, this non-fiction)

I'm going to get serious for a bit. I've decided to start using this platform more frequently, in addition to writing erotic fiction, I'm going to also post some non-fiction stuff, some of it just about sex in general, and sometimes about darker things like sex after abuse. 

Which is where I'm going today. If you want more sex, try here

Part of my journey with being a survivor is my fantasies. 
I have dark fantasies. Control, abuse, rape, force, inappropriate age differences. Stuff that outside those moments, that are vile. 
I seek out these topics or create them in my head. And after I'm done with them, I feel incredibly guilty. 

I don't write a lot about cunnilingus, because I have a strong aversion to the act. It was forced upon me by an ex. I really didn't know how to say no. 

I love sex. I love writing about sex. I still have some things to work through.

That being said. I do have a spanking scene to write. I have to try to keep the characters in conflict, not just having a lot of sex. 


Yingtai said...

Thank you for the Twitter mention. You are right, we really have been thinking along similar lines lately. After I finished writing the Ariel Castro post I spent the month trying to figure out whether my emotional masochism is self-destructive. I finally concluded that I need a balanced diet of porn/fantasies or aftercare to feel good about my kink, but I'm not sure everyone will reach the same conclusion.

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